Napolitano: Haven’t read AZ law but don’t like it

Amazing. Simply stunning as we witness yet another admission from a top Obama administration official who has been harshly criticizing Arizona’s entirely proper illegal immigration law yet the Secretary of Homeland Security, Janet Napolitano, has not even read it.

Once again, the video speaks for itself:

Flashback to sometime around a couple days ago and Attorney General Eric Holder admitting he hasn’t read it either:

Imagine if we were witnessing former Vice President Dick Cheney criticizing an environmental law which he eventually admits he never read. The media would still be on a field trip with it.

Here we have President Obama’s Secretary of Homeland Security, the person who should be on top of border security, admitting she isn’t comfortable with an immigration bill modeled after existing federal law yet she also admits she hasn’t taken 20 minutes to read it. She has no hesitation criticizing it but she doesn’t have the decency to read it.

Couple this with the Attorney General who has also criticized the law without reading it and you have a recipe for political gamesmanship. They don’t care what the law says, they only care about a perceived ability to use it for political gain in 2010.