April 15th, 2010: Tax Day Tea Parties nationwide

According to Tea Party Patriots, there are over 750 scheduled Tea Party events around this great land today. There will be morning, noon and evening events so check out their page to find one near you.

I personally plan on attending the Washington, DC Tea Party this evening after work hours. Last year it was a daytime event which prohibited many of us from attending. Of course, when you work hard to pay taxes in support of the other 47% of the country who does not pay a dime in taxes, sometimes you can’t just take the day off.

This year, however, the Washington, DC event is scheduled for 5:45PM ET to around 10PM ET on the grounds of the Washington Monument facing the White House. The Federal Triangle metro stop is probably the closest bet.

Here’s a great report on the impact of the Tea Parties and the events surrounding today from Mark Good at The Atlantic:

It’s Tax Day in America once again, and that means tea parties.

A year ago today, tea party activists turned out by the (minimum) tens of thousands–or by the millions, according to more favorable estimates–to protest the Obama administration and its economic agenda, waving signs and flags and chanting about the socialist takeover they saw happening in Washington, DC.

Today, they’ll be at it again, and we’ll get a glimpse of where the movement stands. If turnout is big, it has the momentum it will need to play a role in the 2010 elections. If not, perhaps it doesn’t.

Large rallies will be put on by regional and local tea party groups (in some cases, with help from national coalitions) in Atlanta, Sacramento, DC, Charlotte, and south Florida.

Newt Gingrich, who spoke at a Tax Day rally in New York City last year, will speak again at a big rally in Austin.

In all, hundreds of organized rallies will be held across the country. One activist predicted 700 rallies will be put on by local and regional tea party groups. The conservative grassroots organizing group FreedomWorks, which has played a large role in the movement thus far, says it has been in contact with 100 tea party groups about rallies, but that tea partiers are relying less on the DC-based group for support this time around.

Featured prominently in today’s events will be the new Contract from America, a statement of 10 bedrock principles for the tea party movement, selected by an open, online voting process over the pas several months. The idea was engineered by Houston-based activist Ryan Hecker; major conservative groups like FreedomWorks got behind the Contract idea earlier this year. Activists are being encouraged to tout it at their rallies.

Gingrich will likely endorse the Contract on stage in Austin; Republican politicians will be pressured to sign onto it as a pledge between now and November, and politicians who show up to speak at rallies today will likely praise it and begin adding their names to the pledge.

As with last year, today will present an opportunity for GOP lawmakers to connect with the tea partiers.

It’s going to be a big day for the tea party movement. We won’t know how it turns out until it’s all over, but keep an eye on Fox and MSNBC for shots of crowds big and small.

The most amazing and heartwarming aspect of the Tea Party has to be the recent polls showing that a great deal of Tea Party attendees are independents and democrats. The media has painted the Tea Party as racist, right-wing whackos, however, the polls speak clearly as do the message coming from the events to prove otherwise.

The elitist political class does not listen to the people and hasn’t been for sometime. They continue high spending, high taxing and high government growth programs much against the will of the people.

This year, the Tax Day Tea Parties are a culmination of a year’s worth of effort and education.

Furthermore, beyond the Tea Party, I would now urge people to get involved in 2010 campaigns, donate time and money to conservative candidates to help drain the swamp in DC. Put words and feelings into actions and make things happen.