The GOP just does not, I fear,  seem to get it! 

I’ve fallen into an automatic delete response when the GOP messages hit the e-mail, followed by an uncontrollable yawn. Fire Pelosi!  Fire Harry Reid!  Send money!

Please, I’m begging you; get a new plan.  You’re dealing with, potentially, the best educated most politically aware electorate in generations, if ever.  We know what we want; Pelosi and Reid are a carnival side show and should be treated as such for the moment.  Targeting them elevates them; forget about them, you’ve got more important things to think about. 

I want three things from the GOP; incisive factual analysis, a cohesive unifying strategy and a set of carefully applied standards.

I want common sense conservatism.

I want to know what the unifying themes are going to be.  I want a contract.  I want hard and fast commitments about what newly elected GOP politicians will and won’t do.  I want to know how leadership will enforce it.  I want firm commitments about spending, earmarks, deficit reduction.  I want leadership by example.  I want to know how transparency is going to be guaranteed.  I want a plan for reducing the size of the bureaucracy.  I want a policy for dealing with any elected official who even approaches corrupt behaviors. I want tax policy that makes sense.  I want a hard bitten discussion of the history of the Progressive movement and why it’s not the answer.  I want political correctness only in so far as it is an inhibition to rude behavior.  I want to call things what they are.

I want the truth on Social Security, Medicare and social welfare programs.  I want to be told if there is pain ahead, why it will hurt, for how long and what the benefit is when the pain heals.  I want common sense energy policy.  I want accountability. 

I want cohesiveness.  I want the GOP factions to find their areas of conservatively based agreement.  I want social policy put on the back burner.  I want everyone in the process to give a little to, potentially, get a lot.  I want good examples.  I want smart people.  I want squeaky clean (yea, I know, relative term).     

I want principals to prevail.  I want less calculation and more fearlessness.  I want to win based on principal but I don’t want to be afraid to lose.  I want the GOP to fund citizen politicians.  I want the GOP to abandon the “next in line” approach. I want Paul Ryan  and his ideas moved front and center.

I want the Chairman to get this puppy under control and end the circular firing squad. 

Can you help me out?