Just a Matter of Time

It was not so long ago that opposition to the President’s agenda was overt racism. It had to be that, the President was so brilliant, so enthralling, so cool that it simply could not have been anything else.  Opposition to seating Senator Burruss was racism as well despite the pale of corruption that surrounded his appointment. Charges of racism came not just from sycophants Rosie O’Donnell and Jeanine Garofalo; charges also came, you may remember, from members of Congress directed not only at the general public but at the leaders of their own party, specifically Leader Reid. 

Charges of racism became counterproductive resulting in a backlash sufficient to motivate Democrats to put them aside for a while.  Now opponents of health care are terrorists.  It was just a matter of time!  The horrific weapons of these terrorists are, wait for it………………… voice mail messages. VM is of course much more dangerous than the actual bullets fired at Republican Eric Cantor’s office. 

The motivations for the latest diatribe of tedious name calling are so obvious as to be childish.  Democrats are faced with two fundamental problems.  The latest Gallup poll shows a 56% and rising disapproval rating for the health care bill.  The President and Speaker wrong in assuming that once passed all would be well.  The political jeopardy surrounding the bill’s passage is not dissipating; Congressional supporters are flailing about for some way, any way to change the subject hoping that charges of terrorism would do the trick. 

Problem two; they simply don’t know what to do with a grassroots movement  not of their own manufacture. Attacking a movement with no well defined central leadership is a tall order.  The attacks, by definition, have to fall on the people involved, hundreds of thousands of them.  Very little political capital is to be gained attacking your own citizens. Tea Party folks are a threat of still unknown dimension, and the unknown produces fear.  The discontent is not going to disappear any time soon, nor will the unemployment rate. 

The strategic approach seems to be the adoption of the “na, na, na, na, na, na, na, you’re a terrorist ………… and you’re mother is ugly too” strategy.  

Of the 40,000 people in Washington on the eve of health care passage, (I was there) there were less than classy utterances, there were also dirt looks sufficient to tamp them down directed at the folks who uttered them.  You have to believe that Democrats, having hurled so many classless utterances themselves, (Racist, Terrorist, Astroturf, angry mob, etc) would not be terribly bothered, knowing the name game for what it is.  But no, the race to the podium was on.  If Arnold was on his game these days he would have referred to the podium seeking, whiners as “girly-men”.  I mean, come on folks, voice mail! 

The real story is that Democrats finally got around to checking their voice mail at all.  That would be the voice mail which had been full and dysfunctional for days before the bill passage.  “We’re sorry, your Congressperson has no courage and no intention of talking to you, therefore we’ve left the voice mail box full please call someone else, or press 3 for the direct“terror threat hot  line.”

Of course, a delegation of Democrats parading through the protesting crowd with the speaker carrying a massive gavel was not an attempt at incitement or the application of the “na, na, na,” strategy.  To the best of my ability to survey the media there were no headlines reading; “Speaker taunts crowd”.  However, the unsubstantiated story of racial epithets by Representative Andre Carson was immediately reported without verification and discussed for days as “evidence enough” of the “terrorist” threat.

No discussion of the organized violence in Seattle or Geneva that surrounded WTO meetings.  No discussion of eco-terrorism.  No review of the violence associated with the SEIU.  No review of the violence predicated by the President’s associates.  No discussion of left wing think tank speakers agreeing with Mao that political power comes from the barrel of a gun.

It was just a matter of time, you terrorist you!