What ObamaCare says about the state of America

Just found a fascinating piece on CNBC discussing the decline of American individualism and power in regard to the passage of ObamaCare. America was built on self-reliance and individual achievement. These are qualities we no longer celebrate, instead we punish them with taxes and scorn. We soak the rich with taxes and encourage government dependence while purposefully killing a sense of individual responsibility.

David Murrin points this out:

The passage of the health care law shows that the US empire is declining because it illustrates the fact that people expect the state to take care of them, David Murrin, the co-founder of Emergent Asset Management hedge fund manager, told CNBC.

On Tuesday, US President Barack Obama signed into law health care legislation that expands health coverage for the poor, imposes new taxes on the rich and forbids insurance practices such as refusing coverage to those with pre-existing conditions.

In their expansionary phase, empires force people to go out, seek risks and fend for themselves, Murrin said, reminding of the dismantling of the British empire after the war, when the National Health Service, which ensures universal health coverage in Britain, was created.

“This (empire decline) is actually a dead-set course that societies get into and it will happen very quickly I’m afraid,” he told “Squawk Box Europe.”

“As you start to build a system it becomes cohesive because of its success… the fractures in the American system I think are more apparent than ever,” Murrin added.

China’s rise will be much faster than most people anticipate as the country’s military prowess increases, he said.

The founding of this nation was specifically derived from regaining control over individual rights and fighting back against an all-powerful centralized government. Yet, here we are watching Obama and the Democrats clap for increasing government dependence, growing federal debt, higher taxes, fewer individual liberties and more government imposition into the life of every single American citizen.

The bigger question is why did we come to this point? What has created a generation of citizens so bent on getting what they “deserve” from their government. These are the citizens too ignorant and/or brain dead to realize that the government must take this money from taxpayers.

Of course we know that the leftists have been working for years to infiltrate the government but they had to be elected first which is exactly what happened with President Obama. His orations were the culmination of self-indulgence and greed amongst citizens who believe they do not need to be responsible for themselves, rather the government should do it for them. The greed does not lie with the wealthy who donate hundreds of thousands to charity and have the ability to create jobs, rather it lies with those people who insult and are offended at such wealth.

In the minds of too many people, we watch as the government creeps in to fill the voids of the “must be nice” mindset when people comparing themselves to others. President Obama has taken the attitude of “must be nice to have that” and turned it into a Presidency. Of course, those of us who were warning about this from the beginning could see it coming as the crowds of greedy wealth-takers cheered him on.

So why are we here today? Why are we witnessing President Obama sign another bankrupt entitlement program into law? I fear we have an extremely uninformed electorate and it scares me more than the Marxists advising Obama. We know they’re there and can see their agenda, yet too many in the public don’t bother to watch, listen or read about it. They expect politicians to just fill their needs without realizing they are giving up their power while they beg for more services and more government programs.

Too many people believe that by making the wealthy poor, they will make themselves wealthy. That is the lesson taught by the modern Democratic Party. Your enemies are not laziness, lack of motivation or an inability to understand long term lifelong strategies, rather your enemies are the people offering you jobs and building up this country.

Frankly I am sick and tired of being told by President Obama and others that America needs this ObamaCare bill, that we are all clamoring for his assistance along with Nancy Pelosi’s. I do not want it and nor do I need it. I wouldn’t want it if I did need it. I wouldn’t want it if you paid me to take it. I refuse to give up my personal liberty, I refuse to give up my personal rights to make a life based on my own choices, my own ambitions. I refuse to be a mindless citizen simply in it to see what kind of program President Obama is here to offer me.

Luckily though I believe America is waking up. I believe the people who have sat on the sideline for decades are realizing that unless they do something, we will continue unfettered down the path of increased government dependence. I believe a majority, albeit slim, are deciding that they may not want to go down this road. Enough people may be starting to understand what made the country great.

Here’s a hint, America’s greatness did not derive from a government program. Nobody has become wealthy on Social Security or Medicare. In fact, I would argue that Social Security encourages poverty and dependence since I have seen too many people who simply believe they can retire on it and just “get by” with it. They are not encouraged to save for their own retirement, they’re encouraged to let me save for their retirement through the obscene Social Security taxes coming out of my paycheck. People are encouraged to live in poverty on whatever the government (taxpayers) give them.

I say no more! I say this is the time that the crossroads must be addressed, we must choose a new path back toward individual responsibility and personal liberty. We must limit government power, not expand it. We must encourage wealth and achievement, not ridicule it. We must demand accountability for past failed social programs, not emulate them.

Finally, we must educate those around use. We must push hard against the “social norms” of government dependent greed we witness everyday. We must explain why America is great and what the proper role of government is. We must speak out against programs which will lead to more dependence despite being told we “hate the poor” or some such other nonsense.

I love human beings, I love every one of them. I do not want to see a single person holding themselves back because they are stuck on a government program being told they’ll never get ahead. I believe in tough love and limiting such programs to keep the individual empowered and motivation at it’s highest level.

I believe in the ideals of America and not a single aspect of those ideals involve more government programs, intervention, taxes or control.

I know others feel this exact same way, probably more than I do. That is what gives me hope in these times we live in. The hope to know that I am not alone in seeing America’s decline into the hands of an all-to-willing federal government wishing for cradle-to-grave control.

If we awaken and defeat the beast of government dependence, America will see the best days in the future and all our citizens will prosper for it.