House goes down in flames, ObamaCare passes 219-212

Alternate story title, “GOP sweeps 2010 midterms, reclaims congress”. Alright, lets not get ahead of ourselves and too overconfident. Inevitably Republicans can find a way to screw this up.

The ramifications haven’t yet begun to set in for the vote which took place sometime after 11pm last night in the House chamber. Speaker Nancy Pelosi rambled on about how we stood at the cusp of making America better and that the Founder’s would be praising this legislation. She also praised other bankrupt government social programs such as Social Security and Medicare. Hopefully someone had slipped something in her drink prior to the address as I wouldn’t want to think she is that delusional when she’s sober.

Forgoing Pelosi’s lies and waste of breath, here is House Minority Leader John Boehner’s finest hour:

Boehner is right in so many ways and I am glad he punched them all in the gut on each point. They know it too but they have been whipped in line over the past week to vote for something many of them know isn’t the right path for America.

Report from Yahoo News:

WASHINGTON – A transformative health care bill is headed to President Barack Obama for his signature as Congress takes the final steps in Democrats’ improbable and history-making push for near-universal medical coverage.

On the cusp of succeeding where numerous past congresses and administrations have failed, jubilant House Democrats voted 219-212 late Sunday to send legislation to Obama that would extend coverage to 32 million uninsured Americans, reduce deficits and ban insurance company practices such as denying coverage to people with pre-existing medical conditions.

“This is what change looks like,” Obama said later in televised remarks that stirred memories of his 2008 campaign promise of “change we can believe in.”

“We proved that this government — a government of the people and by the people — still works for the people.”

Obama’s young presidency received a much needed boost from passage of the legislation, which would touch the lives of nearly every American. The battle for the future of the health insurance system — affecting one-sixth of the economy — galvanized Republicans and conservative activists looking ahead to November’s midterm elections.

A companion package making a series of changes sought by House Democrats to the larger bill, which already passed the Senate, was approved 220-211. The fix-it bill will now go to the Senate, where debate is expected to begin as early as Tuesday. Senate Democrats hope to approve it unchanged and send it directly to Obama, though Republicans intend to attempt parliamentary objections that could change the bill and require it to go back to the House.

Obama is expected to sign the larger bill early this week.

This is a sad, sorry week for America. The dirtiest of dirty politics won the battle and Nancy Pelosi drove it into the ground selling what was left of her soul to get the votes in line. This will not be known as the time when some form of socialist ObamaCare was passed, rather, I think it will be known as the time when the Democrat Party stepped off the cliff on the path to a minority party for a decade or more.

The spin now begins about how “great” this bill is and how we should all appreciate it. We will all enjoy being forced to purchase a government-approved plan at some point lest we be fined for not doing so.

The 2010 election cycle can’t come soon enough to end this madness. The arrogance wafting from congress is enough to make you pass out. Don’t let the door hit you on the way to curb, Nancy.


Some more to chew on. If you think the <$1 trillion dollar price tag is the truth, take a look at this graphic. These are the original promised cost estimates of all these programs compared to what their actual price tag has been. Especially note the "Medicare (entire program)" line as a good comparison to what our grandchildren will be dealing with:

Medicare was originally promised to cost only $12 billion dollars. In truth, it is well over $100 billion dollars. Now we’re passing a bill which is promised to cost around $1 trillion dollars. Imagine if the same formula holds and ObamaCare’s actual cost is closer to $100 trillion dollars, where will we be then? A 90% federal income tax rate to pay for it and still be a hundred trillion short after all wealth is confiscated? This is fiscal insanity.

ObamaCare will not reduce the deficit nor will it stay anywhere close to the guesstimated price tag. It will balloon out of control faster than Nancy Pelosi’s botox tab. This is more generational theft and abuse of the American taxpayer at the hands of Obama/Pelosi/Reid.