Battles and Wars

George Washington lost a majority of the battles he fought during the revolution.  But, he won that war; ideas, courage, persistence and exceptional leadership prevailing against horrific odds.

The study of our founding cannot but leave one with a sense of amazement that, somehow despite the odds, the revolution prevailed.  So many points in time at which all might have been lost; outnumbered, out gunned, scarce resources, political squabbles, the weight of an empire arrayed against our revolutionary founding, and yet Americans prevailed.

Now, as it was then, it is less about winning battles than it is about wining the war. Now, as it was then, our current war is, at its root, a war of ideas.       

We will likely see the health care bill passed today, viewed as a victory by some, a defeat by others. However, the war of ideas has been fully engaged and revitalized.  While this particular battle may be lost many skirmishes along the way can be counted as victories; victories that set the stage for larger victories ahead.  Victories that created a momentum that is undeniable and that will, likely, not fade.

What victories?

  • The refocus of so many on founding principals and the sheer brilliance of our founding.
  • A return to the idea that our Constitution be revitalized as the core of our political discourse.
  • The resurrection of a silent majority as an activist force; the sleeper awoken. .
  • Millions, reengaged in the political process.
  • The application of such pressure that legislation beginning as universal health care comes to it’s end as nothing more than a calculation of the lowest common denominator of political acceptability, and then just barely.
  • The renewed exposure of what the Progressive agenda is and what it means.
  • The motivation of powerful grass roots movements.
  • The exposure of liberal media bias for what it is and relegating it in steep decline.
  • The exposure, for all to see, of the corruption inherent in our legislative process.
  • The insistence that the Republican Party return to conservative ideals.

Victories all, their status as skirmishes not withstanding!   

Health care legislation is not the war, it is a battle; a single battle in the war of ideas. The winners of this battle may have lost sight of the fact that winning battles is not the goal, winning the war is.  If you sacrifice too many resources wining one battle, your fate in the war is all but sealed.