It’s Not Over, Not Even Close

 All the signals point to somehow, some way; some manner of federally mandated health care “reform” is coming your way, again.

Despite the pressure and the promise to focus on the economy, health care is back as priority one.  No matter public opinion.  No matter concerns about government intrusion.  No matter 120 new agencies authorized by the bill.  No matter the number of issues that could easily pass both houses were they not approached as a comprehensive bill.  No matter that the full benefits of the bill don’t kick in for years.  No matter that House Democrats will be asked to walk the political plank.  No matter the corruption associated with the deals leading up to this point in time.  No matter what manner of totalitarian vision people like John Holdren are discussing related to the implementation of the legislation.    No matter…………, well, anything! 

(PLEASE go to for a frightening insight into the administration’s Orwellian vision for the health care end game)

Why risk the effectiveness of a Presidential term swimming upstream against the public opinion tide?  Why risk losing a majority in Congress should the bill pass against that tide?  Why risk losing political credibility when key provisions of the bill could be neutered by a future Congress in the absence of a Progressive President or by the Supreme Court?

Because it’s not about health care, it’s about something much more basic that that.  It’s about a vision, it’s about the Progressive vision dating back to Teddy Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson which is how long government controlled health care has been on the Progressive agenda.

It’s about the nearly infinite opportunities for government intervention that present themselves in the guise of health care.  No, it’s not paranoid!  Progressivism is based on the idea that the only path to a nebulous nirvana is central government control and planning. 

What are 120 new government boards and agencies actually going to do, process mindless paperwork?  HR 1, the Stimulus Bill set up the mechanism for health care rationing in the Brave New World of Progressive health care the 120 will execute it.  Nearly, everything can, by some extension of tortured logic, be associated with health.  In point of fact it is a much shorter list to consider what might not be associated with your health.

Senator Tom Harkin clearly and publically illustrated the way forward identifying the ongoing intention to “fix and expand” the Senate health care bill.  Senator Harkin knows that once the foundation for government controlled health care is laid, a massive structure will be built upon it, built potentially to the point of no return.  To think otherwise is naïve and ignores the history of massive government bureaucracies and how they mutate.  The history is clear, original legislative intent bears no long term control of bureaucratic processes and that lack of accountability is, eventually, endemic.  The Energy Department was created by President Carter to move us away from dependence on foreign oil; enough said?     

The opportunities are limitless, that is why, from a Progressive point of view, the risk is worth the potential reward.  There is no other issue that opens as many regulatory doors as control of health care.  Health care is the Holy Grail.

It’s not about which health care bill is less distasteful! It’s about the role of government.  It’s a choice between a Progressive utopian vision, and the original construct of a constitutionally limited government.  It’s about whether we govern ourselves or govern by bureaucracy. 

Ultimately, it’s about who we are.  Are we responsible or is it best we delegate that responsibility as the burden of governance?  Are we victims, or arguably the most blessed people in history? Are we still that people that in 200 years created the greatest representative government, the largest economy and the most beneficent and charitable society in history; or are we witless children in search of the synthetic succor of the nanny state?

Oh no, it’s not over, not even close!