Virginia joins Texas in challenging EPA’s power grab

Now standing with Texas and Alabama, the Commonwealth of Virginia’s Attorney General has filed suit with the Environmental Protection Agency challenging the classification of carbon dioxide as a “harmful gas”. Nothing gives me a greater thrill up my leg than states advocating on behalf of citizens against a federal power grab. This truly is states’ rights in action and I couldn’t be more pleased to live in a state which is now fighting an out of control federal bureaucracy.

From the Richmond Times-Dispatch:

Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli filed a petition on behalf of Virginia today asking the federal Environmental Protection Agency to reconsider its December finding that global warming poses a threat to people.

The petition asks the EPA to reconvene the regulatory process and allow the public to comment on “newly available information,“ according to a brief media advisory that Cuccinelli’s office put out this afternoon.

Numerous global-warming skeptics have expressed concern over the EPA’s December finding, which opens the door for the EPA to create regulations that crack down on cars and other sources of heat-trapping gases.

Cuccinelli’s office had no immediate additional comment. He will hold a press conference on the issue Wednesday afternoon.

Glen Besa, director of the Virginia chapter of the Sierra Club, said, “The attorney general is wasting taxpayers’ money on frivolous litigation that ignores the science and the law.“

Besa added, “In effect, he’s questioning climate change.“

Of course he’s “questioning” climate change, it’s complete fraud and should be challenged at every possible opportunity. I’ve had a feeling for months now that the first major challenge to the Obama administration will come from states directly. On top of the EPA challenge, Virginia is also working on legislation making it illegal to force anyone to purchase health insurance, a direct challenge to Obamacare which Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell has said he’ll sign.

Here’s the story on Texas’ EPA challenge from the Houston Chronicle:

Texas on Tuesday became the first state to challenge the Environmental Protection Agency’s finding that gases blamed for global warming threaten public health.

Gov. Rick Perry and other Texas officials said the federal finding is based on flawed science and would harm the state’s economy.

The EPA issued the finding two months ago in an attempt to regulate carbon dioxide and other heat-trapping gases as pollutants under the Clean Air Act.

Such rules would have a profound impact on Texas, which pumps more carbon dioxide into the air than any other state because of its scores of coal-fired power plants, refineries and other industrial facilities.

“The EPA’s misguided plan paints a big target on the backs of Texas agriculture and energy producers and the hundreds of thousands of Texans they employ,” Perry said in a statement. “This legal action is being taken to protect the Texas economy and the jobs that go with it, as well as defend Texas’ freedom to continue our successful environmental strategies free from federal overreach.”

Texas asked the U.S. Court of Appeals in Washington, D.C., to review the finding, with its petition coming on the heels of similar filings by business and conservative groups.

Al Armendariz, the EPA’s administrator for Region 6, which includes Texas, said he isn’t surprised by the state’s legal challenge but chided Texas leaders for not doing more to reduce emissions.

Reduce emissions of what? A naturally occurring gas which I exhale as I sit here and type? Would the EPA prefer we all breathe less?