Get Real…

Take a necessary idea that Obama ran on to get elected, make it real, affordable, and get it done now.

Idealism that the populist voted him into office with is essential. CSPAN, open debate, and true bipartisan support. Sunshine and fresh air in every step of the process.

For fresh air to exist leaders of House and Senate are out. Their backroom antics nullify their believability for honest reform. The President’s insistence to gain votes at any cost should exclude him as well.

Committee members working on reform should be beyond reproach. No Harry, Nancy, Barney, Chris, etc. Not a participant in the previous 2,000 page debauchery. Those against it is a good list of candidates for this new committee to develop a bill from. Should I throw Scott Brown’s name as committee member?

Perhaps a few hundred page bill that reduces the cost of health care, insurance premiums, addresses pre-existing conditions in a responsible manner (places limits when qualified) and strives for a near 100% insured America. Also including financial aid to the poor.

Wasn’t this the thought of when Obama was elected ???

What we need the committee to do is start from the beginning.

1. Cut the waste & fraud. It’s there. How much savings in Medicare can be found? Thievery exists from all sources in the health industry.

2. Tort reform. With this test and repeated test done to safe guard doctors, hospitals, and drug companies. Their exposure to law suits can be reduced. Nothing though that endangers the patient. Reducing cost of malpractice insurance is a peg in the wheel in cost reductions for all. I would have a hot line and web site for ideas to reduce cost and report fraud. Got this idea from Obama (give credit when due).

My 2 points are not all encompassing. Not even trying to be. Couldn’t if I did try.

My link proves less big government is the honest answer that works best:

CBO confirms GOP plan will lower health care premiums and lower the deficit without tax hikes on families and small businesses.
“Nonpartisan Congressional Scorekeeper: GOP Plan Lowers Premiums By Up to 10 Percent”

Washington, Nov 4, 2009 -”House Republican Leader John Boehner (R-OH) issued the following statement after the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) confirmed in a letter tonight that the Republican health care
plan will lower health care premiums by up to 10 percent and reduce the deficit by $68 billion over 10 years without imposing tax increases on families and small businesses.”

“When it comes to reforming health care, controlling skyrocketing costs is the American peoples’ top priority. Now CBO has confirmed that the Republican plan will lower health care costs for American families, and that’s good news for everyone struggling in today’s economy. The choice now could not be clearer: Speaker Pelosi’s plan raises costs. Our plan lowers them.

“Not only does the GOP plan lower health care costs, but it alsoincreases access to quality care – including for those with pre-existing conditions – at a price our country can afford. The cost of the Speaker’s bill, now at $1.3 trillion and counting, is a debt that will be paid for by our kids and our grandkids. The American
people deserve a better solution, and Republicans’ smart, fiscally-responsible plans give them exactly what they want.”

“NOTE: In a letter delivered tonight, CBO estimated that the GOP health care plan would reduce average private health insurance premiums per enrollee in the United States relative to what they would
be under current law. Specifically:”

•” For the small group market (generally businesses with 2 to 50 employees), the GOP plan would reduce premiums in 2016 for example by up to 10 percent.”
• “For the individual market, the GOP plan would reduce premiums in 2016 by up to eight percent.”
• “For the large group market, the GOP plan would reduce premiums in 2016 by up to three percent.”

You can compare Obama’s plan to the GOP plan here and see the advantages of smaller government with tangible results.