Obama Rebuked: Scott Brown (R) Wins “Kennedy” Seat

Make no mistake about it regardless of what any White House spokesperson, liberal strategist or elected Democrat official says, President Obama was officially rebuked in Massachusetts on Tuesday. The spin has begun with White House spokesman Robert Gibbs basically making things up to explain away the catastrophic Democrat loss in Massachusetts.

After Martha Coakley’s embarrassing loss, Democrats around the country are taking notice, especially in races once considered a “lock” for Democrat candidates.

CS Monitor reports:

If President Obama woke up Wednesday morning reeling from the outcome of the Senate race in Massachusetts and re-evaluating his agenda, voters in Massachusetts – especially the 2.1 million not enrolled in any party – got exactly what they wanted.

In a stunning political upset Tuesday, state Sen. Scott Brown (R), little known before the race, defeated the state’s Attorney General Martha Coakley (D) to replace Sen. Edward Kennedy in the US Senate.

But while Mr. Brown’s margin of victory was a modest 5 points (52 percent to 47 percent), the message to Mr. Obama and Democrats was clear: independents don’t feel bound to the president just because they voted him into office.

Just more than a year ago, Obama won 57 percent of the independent vote in Massachusetts and 52 percent nationally, according to exit polling. Democrats across the country were euphoric and political analysts predicted a long, slow recovery for the Republican Party.

But that was then.

Though there was no exit polling for this race and the exact number of independents who voted for Brown is still unknown, polling prior to election day showed independents heavily favoring the Republican. Sixty-five percent of independents reported they were planning to cast a ballot for Brown, according to a poll by Suffolk University. Independent voters also played an important role in electing Republican governors in New Jersey and Virginia last fall.

The response from Democrats has been mixed from immediate backing off Obamacare by some to the inevitable defiant tone of doubling down on the hated socialist program by others.

Brown’s glorious victory won’t entirely derail Obama’s socialist agenda though it will be a major roadblock considering Brown ran under the banner of being the “firewall” 41st vote specifically against Obamacare. Luckily President Obama came to Massachusetts to put his personal stamp on the election lest anyone be uncertain as to whether this was a referendum on Obama’s policies and (lack of) leadership.

In case you forgot how important the Massachusetts senate race was and how tightly intertwined it was with President Obama’s agenda, here’s a reminder:

President Obama is now 0 for 3 in important elections following his victory in 2008. First Virginia and New Jersey fell, now Massachusetts has followed.

What Democrat “locked” seat will be next?