Pundits, Front and Center

In advance of tonight’s election results you have to love some of the analysis and commentary from the pundit elite.

Congressman Weiner from N.Y. when asked about the Health Care legislation in the Senate responded “there is a lot I don’t know about how that Politburo of a Senate operates”. Nice, Politburo! Forget about bi-partisan we’re not even going to get bi-legislative.

Norah O’Donnell of NBC when asked about the quality of the Coakley campaign opined thus, “there have been some minor criticisms of the campaign associated with Martha Coakley, such as her being unable to connect with the voters”. Just saying, not being able to connect with voters would be considered by most as more than a minor criticism.

Pulitzer Prize winning columnist Eugene Robinson was asked whether the negative reaction in Massachusetts had anything to do with policy, Mr. Robinson struggled. He associated the poll numbers for Scott Brown with two key factors. One, enthusiasm within the GOP and, more importantly that the “activist left has not been brought in sufficiently”.

So, lets review, analysis of the Massachusetts race. Not about policy, or deficits, or spending or health care. It’s about minor issues and enthusiasm. Just saying!