Polling The Polling

Polling can be a dicey business. Depends on how you ask the question, what the question does or does not include the balance and nature of the sample and how results are weighted, if they are. We tend to get our polling news as snapshots and not always in larger context. So let’s have a look at larger context.

• Since January, those who express any measure of approval for the President has dropped by 20 points. November approval ratings dropped 10% compared to the October ratings.

• Cap & Trade based in large measure on global warming; oops climate change concerns faces a 59% polling result where individuals said they believed that climate scientists might have fudged data.

 • The reappointment of Ben Bernanke is opposed by 79% of those polled.

• Health Care related tort reform, absent from the current bill, is favored by 66% of those polled.

• 62% of Americans oppose any form of single payer Government sponsored health care system.

• 71% of those polled represented some level of anger with the Federal Government.

• The Small Business confidence index dropped 16% just last month.

• 62% of Americans see tax cuts as a fundamental solution to job creation. This in light of the wide variety of taxes being considered on Capital Hill and the refusal to extend the Bush tax cuts.

 • Consumer confidence is actually lower than a year ago as Lehman Brothers crashed, the bail outs emerged. The consumer confidence numbers are 11% lower now than a year ago and investor confidence is down 12% for a year ago.

• Good or excellent ratings for Congress stand at 14%.

 • The Right Track / Wrong Track stands at 30% who feel we are on the right track. • Currently, 51% oppose the idea of trying KSM and the boys being tried in New York.

• Republicans lead by 7 points on the generic ballot. In the generic top 10 issue polling Republicans lead Democrats in 8 of 10 categories with one tie.

 • Self identification as a Democrat has dropped to a four year low.

Draw your own conclusions.