It’s All My Fault


Thursday, during the Jobs Summit, there was a report that the President had blamed the jobs situation on businesses that, in pursuit of profitability, refused to hire new workers resulting in fewer people generating more productivity.  I refrained from jumping out of my chair as I HAD to assume someone had gotten it wrong or out of context.  But then in Allentown, the President repeated the assertion. Damn it…..busted.

Finally, I understand the reason for the jobless numbers; it’s my fault as a business owner.  It’s not the uncertainty of what my costs for Health Care will look like or massive deficits.  It’s not credit unavailability, or the prospect of new taxes and fees. It’s not the possibility of an 800% increase in unemployment compensation costs because the state trust fund is down to zero.  It’s not the plummeting dollar or reductions in discretionary spending.  It’s not local and state governments looking for any opportunity to raise taxes to deal with their own budget deficits.  It’s not the potential of Card Check legislation turning my small business into a union house, or Cap & Trade doubling energy bills. It’s me! It’s my fault!

Confession being good for the soul, Mr. President I’m stepping up.  My business did, in fact, end up doing more with less.  We had to let someone go, we delayed seasonal hiring, salaried staff had to cover jobs and shifts that used to be handled by hourly employees.  Yes, yes, it’s true, it’s all true.  I’m sorry!

But Mr. President, I had to do it!  You see, if I had not done those things and the business failed, well a lot more people would have been out of a job.  All of those taxes I pay would have dried up and the 200 clients I represent would have been out in the cold. 

I swear Mr. President It wasn’t about profits, it was about survival.  I’m sure someone on your economic team mentioned that profits are, you know, kind of necessary if you want to get on with that whole survival thing.  I assumed, now that you’re running GM, the profit / survival equation would have been somewhat clarified.

 I did what I could.  I went to my local banks to see about short term credit lines and, as you know, they’re really not doing that anymore, something about regulatory demands.  I checked with the Small Business Association, no joy there either.      

So in the spirit of confession, Mr. President you should know that not only did I cut back on jobs, I cut back on inventory levels as well.  Guilty as charged!

I’m sorry, If only I had known.