Iranian Bomb Is Near At Hand!

In late October the Israeli press published reports referencing an Iranian scientist as the source. The reports contended that underground nuclear tests had taken place in Iran.  Two separate events initially reported as earthquakes in the 5.0 range were reported in the Israeli press as likely nuclear tests.

 The Guardian in the U.K. is now reporting the same story with additional details and comments from both the IAEA and nuclear experts in Europe who seem, finally, to be seriously concerned.  The latest report is consistent to a wide variety of reports over the past two years, The Guardian, The London Times, Newsmax, The Washington Times, The Wall Street Journal, AP, ISIS and others have reported aspects of Iranian procurement and weapons development progress that, collectively, indicated Iran was much closer to a nuclear device than official Western intelligence estimates indicated or were willing to admit.  Access to top secret intelligence was not necessary to connect the Iranian dots.  

 The U.S. delivered evidence to the IAEA in the spring of 2008 contained on a smuggled lap top provided by an Iranian dissident group, NCRI.  NCRI blew the initial whistle on Iranian nuclear progress. The information demonstrated that Iran was in possession of and proceeding with weapons related technology.  The lap top further contained trajectory and altitude studies used to determine the optimum characteristics for a nuclear explosion. The lap top in question contained blue prints in Farsi that are exact duplicates of the blue prints used in the development of warheads related to Pakistan’s nuclear weapons program.  A.Q. Kahn’s involvement in the Iranian nuclear program is well documented.

 Mohammed ElBaradei who, treated previous reports with distain continues to remain eerily calm in the face of recent reports and is quoted, in reference to those reports, as saying “it appears to have been derived from multiple sources over different periods of time, appears to be generally consistent, and is sufficiently comprehensive and detailed that it needs to be addressed by Iran”. 

 Addressed by Iran?  Addressed by Iran?  Mr. ElBaradei what, exactly, do you expect them to say in light of your six years of experience with Iran; that they are now suffering an epiphany of guilt followed by a commitment to “come clean” and see the error of their ways?  It may be too late, Mr. ElBaradei and his stewardship at the IAEA is one of the primary reasons why that is the case.

 In April of 2008, in addition to provision of information contained on the aforementioned lap top, a series of questionable procurements were exposed, including reports of items that have highly limited duel use applications such as ultra high speed photographic equipment used, mainly, to evaluate high speed implosion devices, materials related to neutron calculations, materials for evaluating the effect of shock waves on metal and isotope separation materials to name a few.  A German national was convicted of providing much of the equipment and information.  At the trial, German Foreign Service officers testified that there was evidence that Iran’s weapons development was continuing. 

 The Iranian answer to these charges and questions at the time was that they needed those resources to study airbags and the design of safety belts!  Even in the absence of realizing that there is a vast amount of open source information related to seat belts and airbags the answer was, in and of itself, an indication or Iranian subterfuge.

 The likelihood of an Iranian bomb and the capability to deliver it is now near at hand.  The negotiated appeasement of the past six years is about to come home to roost.     

 Previous reports of a North Korean presence and North Korean assistance regarding construction of underground nuclear testing facilities did not raise a cry for a tougher stance on Iran.  Neither did reports related to the presence of Russian nuclear scientists in Iran create a new momentum in support of stringent “engagement”.  Reported “rapid progress” in missile technology capabilities, as well, did not motivate a realistic approach to Iran’s intentions.

 Apparently, only actual proof of an Iranian nuclear device will motivate the proper degree of serious action.  That motivation will come with a bold headline “Too Little Too Late”!