House Dems pass Obamacare, help GOP in 2010

Nancy Pelosi was able to scare up enough votes to narrowly pass her version of the Obamacare government takeover of the health care industry. The final vote in the House earlier tonight was 220-215 with 39 Democrats voting “No” and 1 lone Republican voting “Yes.”

Despite clear opposition from the American people in poll after poll, the House Democrats, seemingly drunk with power, chose to push the bill through on a Saturday night. There is no doubt the plan has been to pass something before 2010 since clearly many of the representatives who support this legislation will be finding a new line of work when they’re voted out.

Report from Politico:

The House of Representatives passed legislation for the first time Saturday night that would provide health coverage to almost every American after nearly a century of false starts and un-kept campaign promises.

The final vote was 220-215. In all, 219 Democrats voted to approve the measure in a largely party-line vote, with 39 Democrats voting no. One Republican supported the bill, Rep. Joseph Cao (R-La.).

The bill has a steep cost – both in dollars, $1.2 trillion, and political capital – but Democrats hailed its passage as the next chapter in a governing legacy that produced Medicare and Social Security.

“Today, as we all know, is an historic moment for our nation and for American families,” Speaker Nancy Pelosi said on the House floor hours before the vote.

President Barack Obama has made health care reform his signature legislative priority — and he put his personal prestige on the line Saturday by traveling to the Capitol to rally Democrats, telling them to answer the call of history by passing the bill.

But Republicans were equally sweeping in their objections to the bill. “This is perhaps the worst bill I have seen come to the floor in my 11 years in Congress,” said Wisconsin Rep. Paul Ryan.

Funny how Pelosi compared her bill to Social Security, another bankrupt government program they still haven’t fixed as they pile in trillions in more debt and wasteful spending.

Congressman Paul Ryan along with dozens of other Republicans argued passionately against the passage earlier today:

The next step will be for the Senate to kill the bill before it can be impugned on the American people and we systematically lose our health care freedom by Obama’s pen.