The Party is Falling Apart!

The Party is clearly falling apart, wracked by internal divides, an inability to organize a cohesive message, a lack of ideological purity, significant internal philosophical differences, angry constituencies and positions in opposition to public opinion.  Leadership has been unable to mobilize support in major elections combined with significant difficulty in moving legislation through Congress.  Moderates being subjected to intimidation tactics; extreme positions are being backed by millions of dollars.  Grassroots efforts to mount primary challenges against moderates are well underway with the fringe of the party moving to take ever more control of both policy and process.

 Nope, gotcha! It’s the Democrats!

 Blue Dog Democrats, in the wake of the Tuesday elections are wondering which vial of hemlock to drink.  Should they drink the health care/cap & trade hemlock and risk general election defeats?  Or, should they refuse to go along and face the wrath of a variety of George Soros funded organizations, chief among them

 MoveOn commenced their latest e-mail campaign today the goal being $3 million dollars by the end of the week.  The focus of the fund raising effort is to fund primary challenges to any Democratic Senator who “helps” Republicans block a health care vote.   Executive Director Justin Ruben is quoted as saying “It’s a clear sign of how angry progressives would be at any Democrat who helps filibuster reform.” 

 Considering the breadth of Soros supported organizations and the history of those organizations Democrats are, without doubt, taking the threat seriously.  Decisions, decision: which vial of hemlock to drink?

 At the same time some Congressional Democrats are threatening to do “whatever it takes” to defeat health care if items such as federal funding for abortions make their way through the conference process.  About 49 Democratic seats are in districts won by John McCain in the last election and those districts have voted, typically, center right. Those districts might accurately be called, wait for it…………moderates.  One has to wonder what MoveOn has planned for them?

 Liberal commentators have developed nice little second careers advising Republicans and Conservatives on how to fix the GOP.  We’d like to thank you folks for your efforts but it appears as if Democrats could use a little advice as well. Just saying!