Last minute Election 2009 preview and polls

The time is finally upon us as polls open Tuesday in the major races including Virginia, New Jersey and the New York 23rd congressional race. Below is a little wrap-up of all the campaigns with the latest polling and voting times for each state.

First off, here are the poll open and closing times:

Virginia: Open 7am, Close 7pm

New Jersey: Open 6am, Close 8pm

New York: Open 6am, Close 9pm

All times eastern.

We’ll start off with the soap opera that has become the New York 23rd congressional district race between Democrat Bill Owens and Conservative Doug Hoffman.

A report on Hoffman’s campaigning from WWNY in Watertown, NY:

Report on Bill Owens’ campaign from WSYR in Syracuse, NY:

Here’s a snapshot of the latest polling in the NY-23 race from which is an average of every available poll:

Polls are giving Hoffman the edge in this race. My money is on Hoffman taking a victory though I think the margin of victory is anyone’s guess.

Prediction: Hoffman by 5

New Jersey is shaping up to be a nail-biter for both sides. Some polls show Republican Christie breaking away slightly though others show Corzine, the Democrat incumbent, holding on and taking a lead. All polls are generally within the margin of error not giving a clear indication of what will happen on Tuesday.

Here’s a report on the New Jersey race from WNYW in New York:

Here’s the polling snapshot from which averages every available poll from the New Jersey race:

This one is up in the air and the wild card will be Dagget’s support, or lack thereof, come Tuesday. I hesitate to make a prediction, however, against my better judgment I’m willing to wager one since it’s all in good fun.

Prediction: Christie by 2 (Though I wouldn’t put money on it)

Finally last, but not least, the Old Dominion of Virginia. Republican Bob McDonnell is running away with the polls in this race, the latest showing him up 18 points! Democrat Creigh Deeds hasn’t improved in the polls at all and President Obama was unable to move the needle either.

A report on the Virginia race from MyFoxDC:

Here’s the latest polling snapshot from averaging all available Virginia polls:

Clearly Virginia is going to be a Republican landslide according to the polls. From the governor’s seat, lieutenant governor, attorney general and on down to the Virginia House of Delegates, polls show Republicans leading majorly.

Prediction: McDonnell by 12 (could be higher, like 15)

Tune in Tuesday on Election Day and we’ll wrap up all the races and I’ll own up to my predictions should they be incorrect. The only one I’m hedging on is New Jersey, that one could go for Corzine, we shall see.