Pelosi unveils plan for new taxes, worse health care

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi today unveiled her version of a government-run insurance program filled with numerous tax increases and mandates on individuals and businesses. Essentially an altered version of H.R. 3200, the original Obamacare failure, Pelosi’s bill includes a government-run insurance plan and has been formulated to sound less intrusive than reality would have us believe. It’s called, ironically enough, the “Affordable Health Care for America Act.” I kid you not, they actually believe that if they give the bill a name which sounds good, America will buy it without question. Furthermore, if it is named that, well then it can’t possibly do anything but create affordable health care, right?

It should be called the “Higher Taxes, Lower Quality of Health Care for America Act.”

Listen to the opening monologue from Rush Limbaugh today on Pelosi’s health care bill, I can’t explain this any better. For anyone not a Rush 24/7 member, here’s the audio:

Rush on Pelosi’s Plan

The most absurd part of this legislation is that the tax increases take effect immediately though the actual service part wouldn’t take effect until 2013. What this means is that we have nearly 5 years of paying taxes on it and then 5 years with taxes and service from it so the Democrats say it will produce a surplus in the first 10 years. That math only makes sense in Washington when you are trying to bamboozle the American people into adopting some new failing government program.

From Politico:

The CBO analysis will show that the bill runs surpluses in the first five years and deficits in the second, making it deficit neutral during the first decade. BUT those late decade deficits were raising questions about whether the CBO will be able to declare the second 10 years deficit neutral.

Of course it runs surpluses in the first five years! We’re all paying new taxes on everything and the program hasn’t even started yet!

The other sweeping change is that in the legislation, the “public” or “government” insurance option is now called the “consumer option.” I assume this is because Speaker Pelosi and the Democrats on Capitol Hill assume we, the American people, are really just that stupid.

The details on Pelosi’s new government-option from the New York Times:

WASHINGTON — Under pressure from moderate-to-conservative members of the House Democratic caucus, Speaker Nancy Pelosi has decided to propose a government-run insurance plan that would negotiate rates with doctors and hospitals, rather than using prices set by the government, aides said Wednesday.

Ms. Pelosi said the public plan, which she prefers to call a “consumer option,” would compete with private insurers. But the speaker was apparently unable to muster the votes needed for the “robust” liberal version of a public plan, which she has repeatedly said would save more money for consumers and the government.

Members of the House Democratic leadership team offered these details of their bill, to be unveiled on Thursday. It would provide coverage to 35 million or 36 million people. The 10-year cost of expanding coverage would be less than the $900 billion ceiling suggested by President Obama. The cost would be offset by new taxes and by cutbacks in Medicare, so the bill would not increase the federal budget deficit in the next 10 years or in the decade after that.

The new bill, like an earlier version, retains a surtax on high-income people, but increases the thresholds. The tax would hit married couples with adjusted gross incomes exceeding $1 million a year and individuals over $500,000 — just three-tenths of 1 percent of all households, Democrats said.

Ms. Pelosi can describe the proposal as a “millionaires’ tax.” The original thresholds were $280,000 for individuals and $350,000 for couples.

New taxes during a recession. I’m not sure you could find a better definition of incompetence if you tried.

Another way the bill claims to save money is simply by offloading federal costs onto the states, which many governors will not be pleased with.

Well, it turns out that Pelosi & Co have decided to shift more of those costs onto the state. Earlier versions had people at 133% of the poverty line eligible for Medicaid, the costs of which states largely have to bear. The new version hikes that to 150% of poverty line, forcing more people onto state rolls rather than federal. That allows Pelosi to claim some cost savings, but the public burden felt by taxpayers will increase, thanks to unfunded mandates on the states.

Democrats used to chide President Bush about “unfunded mandates” with regard to the “No Child Left Behind Act” yet now they seem fine with them since they fit into the liberal socialist agenda.

Pelosi’s bill also includes new taxes on medical devices, everything from pacemakers to tampons. If it can be considered a “medical device,” she’s probably taxing it to pay for this new government program destined for failure.

Republicans weighed in on Pelosi’s glorious new tax bill:

Everyone was invited to the unveiling ceremony this morning. That is, if “everyone” included House staffers, union members and Pelosi supporters. The Washington Times reports on the “closed public unveiling“:

House Democrats blocked the public from attending the unveiling ceremony of their health-care bill Thursday morning, allowing only pre-approved visitors whose names appeared on lists to enter the event at the West side of the Capitol.

The audience at the crowded press conference included Hill staffers, union workers, health care providers and students, according to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who thanked them for attending.

Mrs. Pelosi and other Democratic leaders announced the chamber’s long-awaited version of a health care overhaul, which would expand insurance coverage to 36 million uninsured Americans, costing less than $900 billion over 10 years.

The West side of the Capitol – the area where President Barack Obama was inaugurated – is traditionally open to the public. But the entrances were blocked off Thursday morning by metal fences, with Capitol police officers standing next to staff members holding clipboards with lists of approved attendees.

Very nice that a bill which affects the public is closed off to the public when it is heaved upon them. Doesn’t this show the direction we’re heading? Pelosi doesn’t care about what you the American people think, she cares about ramming this agenda through congress and you’re feelings be damned.

Republican Representative Mike Pence was on CNN earlier discussing the Pelosi debacle:

Amen to that, we can improve access to health care without improving the federal government’s access to our wallets.