Full Video: McDonnell, Deeds debate at Roanoke University

On Tuesday night Republican candidate Bob McDonnell squared off with Democrat candidate Creigh Deeds in the final debate of the Virginia gubernatorial election. This event was held in Salem, Virginia and didn’t disappoint in terms of feisty debate between the candidates.

Here is the entire McDonnell/Deeds debate video from Tuesday, October 20th, 2009 at the debate sponsored by WSLS-TV held at Roanoke College in Salem, Virginia:

Part 1:

Part 2:

Report from WDBJ7:

Bob McDonnell and Creigh Deeds faced off for the fourth time Tuesday night at Roanoke College.

In contrast to their last meeting near Richmond, Tuesday’s exchange was less pointed and more polite.

In their last meeting before election day, the candidates did clash on issues that have already made headlines.

Bob McDonnell’s controversial college thesis was back on the table.

“I think he’s made a conscious decision that he has to go over and attack me on an old college paper. In fact most of his campaign has been backward looking,” said McDonnell.

“The thesis is relevant, because it puts into context Bob’s record, and it helps explain why he never wrote a bill to create a job. He never wrote a bill to expand an educational opportunity,” said Deeds.

And southwest Virginia figured prominently in a discussion of the climate change legislation known as cap and trade.

That bill will raise costs at a time of recession and will put American and Virginia businesses at a disadvantage. And i don’t support that and i’ve said it publicly yet Bob continues to spend millions of dollars trying to scare the people of southwest virginia into thinking i’m going to take their jobs away,” said Deeds.

“One of the largest employers in his district is Meadwestvaco and they’ve looked at our respective plans and our positions on this and they are strongly supporting me. 15-hundred jobs in Alleghany County in Creigh’s senate district that are potentially at risk with this massive new federal energy tax,” said McDonnell.

But if Deeds supporters were hoping for a knock-out blow, it never came. And Roanoke College Professor and News 7 political analyst Harry Wilson declared this confrontation a tie.

Just a note, when media outlets call a debate a “tie,” that means the Republican won handily. Deeds has nothing and brought no ideas to the table, he’s helping McDonnell at this point.