Full Video: Final New Jersey Governor debate – 10/16/09

Update: The entire debate video has been added to the post.

The three candidates for governor in New Jersey debated a final time before election day on Friday and the fireworks were flying. It has become a very heated race in the past 30 days with all sides reaching for anything that gives them the upper hand and tears down their opponent. Republican Chris Christie is fending off an independent candidate, and former Republican, Chris Dagget who seems to be taking some of Christie’s previous support. Governor Jon Corzine is simply fending off both candidates and trying to defend his gubernatorial record.

Fox News reports:

WAYNE, N.J. — New Jersey Gov. Jon Corzine laid out his case for a second term on Friday, while challengers Chris Christie and Chris Daggett made their case for new leadership in Trenton during Friday’s second gubernatorial debate.

Corzine highlighted his accomplishments in office, including gains in the number of children who have health insurance and a revision in the school funding formula.

Christie said New Jersey’s high unemployment rate and high taxes are evidence the state is “broken” and needs new leadership to fix it. Daggett says both major-party candidates represent “politics as usual” and only an unbeholden independent can turn things around.

The three candidates were participating in a 90-minute debate on the campus of William Paterson University.

The debate, which was streamed live on Foxnews.com, will be broadcast on at 2 p.m. Saturday on WTXF-TV Channel 29 in Philadelphia and noon Sunday on WWOR-TV Channel 9 in Secaucus.

Here is the entire New Jersey gubernatorial debate video cut into six parts from Fox 29 Philadelphia:

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:

Part 5:

Part 6:

Here’s a report from WTFX in Philadelphia:

I don’t know how this one is going to shake out. Prior to Dagget entering the race, Christie was enjoying a fairly substantial lead. Now, however, this has become a three-way race with Corzine coming out the victor thanks to Dagget. The question will be whether Corzine’s support is low enough that Christie can eak out a win despite Dagget taking some Republican votes.

This is a fascinating race to watch as it unfolds. This one will come down the wire on Election Day, we may not have a real clear idea of who will come out on top if the current polling trends hold.

Here’s a snapshot from RealClearPolitics:


Leading on average by 0.8 is a pretty tight spot for Christie.

Truth be told, I’d say the smart money says that Dagget’s support in the voting booth won’t be as strong as it is in the polls.