How low can Obamacare support go? Lowest yet!

After months of press conferences, TV appearances and addresses to congress from President Obama, support for his version, whatever that may be this week, of government-run health care continues to hit all time lows. One might ask why this is considering the media blitz of the Obama-friendly news outlets and all the glorious rhetoric coming from the White House. I’d say the short answer simply lies in the fact that more Americans than not know nothing from the government is ever “free,” nor is it efficiently run.

41% Favor Obama’s reform
56% Oppose Obama’s reform

Polls from Rasmussen:

Just 41% of voters nationwide now favor the health care reform proposed by President Obama and congressional Democrats. That’s down two points from a week ago and the lowest level of support yet measured.

The latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds that 56% are opposed to the plan.

Senior citizens are less supportive of the plan than younger voters. In the latest survey, just 33% of seniors favor the plan while 59% are opposed. The intensity gap among seniors is significant. Only 16% of the over-65 crowd Strongly Favors the legislation while 46% are Strongly Opposed.

Here’s another interesting tidbit politicians ail to acknowledge:

As Scott Rasmussen, president of Rasmussen Reports, wrote recently in the Wall Street Journal: “The most important fundamental is that 68% of American voters have health insurance coverage they rate good or excellent … Most of these voters approach the health care reform debate fearing that they have more to lose than to gain.” A Rasmussen video report shows that 53% of those with insurance believe it’s likely they would have to change coverage if the congressional plan becomes law.

They will lose, indefinitely. Furthermore, it is sickening to watch the President outright lie when he says you will not be forced to change your current coverage if you like it. The truth is that you won’t have to change it because your employer might choose to drop it for you and push you onto the government plan.

Either way, Obama is losing this battle but America must be vigilant in speaking out against any form of government control in health care.

The free market will solve the issues, the government never will.

Still though, to see the poll numbers continue diving even after the President has repeated the same tired pile of nonsense about health over and over again is quite fascinating.