Nearly a million march on Washington defending liberty

Over the weekend on Saturday around a million freedom-loving Americans descended on Washington, DC to oppose bigger government, higher taxes and President Obama’s liberal political agenda. The estimates of the crowd size varied from “tens of thousands” in the Washington Post all the way to 2 million people according the UK Daily Mail.

Some reasonable estimates are most likely around 1 million people marching against government control and more failing programs. Having personally attended the march, I can attest for the size of the crowd which was overwhelmingly massive stretching from Freedom Plaza all the way to the Capital Building. After the march to the Capital, the crowd stretched almost the entire length of the National Mall.

Here’s an excellent video overview with no spin:

The obligatory street surveillance camera view of protesters gathering at Freedom Plaza then marching down Constitution Avenue to the Capital Building:

That video basically tells the story about the amount of people. Stretching that distance is not “tends of thousands” of people but rather closer to a million or more.

There were people of all ages and background there for one common goal: to restore the government to the people and stop the wasteful spending. It was awe-inspiring to see it all culminate.

Here are several photos I personally took while marching down Constitutional Avenue:















That was my experience, the day was fantastic and these gatherings of taxpaying, freedom-loving, Americans have just begun.

Americans will not sit by idly by while Washington politicians thieve our rights, grow the size of government and radically change the landscape of America through redistributive social programs like Obamacare. These people marched standing for individual freedom and personal liberty, the antitheses of everything President Obama and the current Democrat leadership stands for.

This protest was an overwhelming huge success for Americans speaking out against the ridiculous amounts of debt and growing government. This massive gathering remarkably happened on an off-election year, of all times. Just imagine what this will be in 2010 during an actual election year.

I have been inspired and humbled by the amount of patriots coming out, most of whom attending something like this for the first time. Clearly America’s best days are ahead of her once the agenda of big government and failed social programs are defeated.


Some further exploration of the crowd size based on the most useful information obtainable. This graphic comes courtesy of USAToday and was used to roughly estimate the amount of people able to attend President Obama’s inauguration seated in front of the Capitol Building and spilling into the National Mall.

As you can see, the rough estimate of filling both of those areas is about 1.2 million people.

Based on my actual experience from the march, pictures and media reports following the event, here is a Google Map I put together of where all the protesters were able to fill:

View 9/12 Rally Crowd Estimate in a larger map

The protest began in the blue area and filled Constitution Avenue entirely. From that point, protesters were dumped into the read area in front of the Capitol Building until that was filled. At which point, the remaining began filling the National Mall in the green area. Each portion is clickable with some description.

The simple equation shows that if the protesters filled Constitution Avenue from Freedom Plaza to the Capitol Building, then clearly throughout the day there are nearly a million people in attendance. The estimates of 65,000 or even 75,000 are terribly low given the simple fact that the crowd filled the length of Constitution Avenue alone. Even just that, as a one time event, is certainly over 500,000 people as a low estimate.