(Video) The dangers of bureaucratic Obamacare

The Women’s Independent Forum, a non-partisan non-profit group focusing on women’s issues, released a new television ad today featuring a cancer-survivor discussing the dangers of the government care option being pushed by the Obama administration.

I’ll let this speak for itself:

From the IWF website:

(WASHINGTON, DC) – August 18 – 300,000 American women with breast cancer might have died over the last decade, if the US had adopted a British-style, government-run health care system. This shocking figure, based on recent studies, appears in a TV ad launched today by The Independent Women’s Forum, a non-profit organization focused on issues of concern for women. The 60-second spot highlights the deadly risks to women under the “public option” – or co-op – plan currently under consideration in Congress.

“My odds of surviving cancer were high, because my care was the best,” says Tracy, a 44 year-old breast cancer survivor featured in the ad, which airs over the next week on cable and broadcast stations and is currently featured on You Tube. “What are your odds if the government takes over your care?” she asks. The IWF is featuring stories similar to Tracy’s on its website, and is inviting people to share their own experiences about how they and their families have benefitted from the ability to make their own health care choices.

“Shifting the decision-making authority from the American citizen to government bureaucrats is an offense to who we are as Americans,” remarks Heather Richardson Higgins, Chairman of The Independent Women’s Forum. “Nothing could be more central to the pursuit of happiness than the ability to control one’s own health and health options of loved ones.”

Though support for the so-called “public option” has diminished in the face of fierce and widespread public opposition, the basic idea survives with a new name: co-op. In July, Senator Harry Reid said, “We’re going to have some type of public option, call it ‘co-op,’ call it what you want.” In addition, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi released a statement on August 17, declaring “There is strong support in the House for a public option. In the House, all three of our bills contain a public option.”

Those are the hard facts, that based on the actual statistics from other countries which currently have government-run health care plans, an estimated 300,000 American women could be dead today if our country worked under the same protocols of rationed care. That is not an exaggeration, that is simply applying the same procedures used in other countries to our country.

For another example of why our government should not be running a government health care plan, here is a 4 minute video showing the plight of Native Americans caught in government-guaranteed health care on reservations:

Our government cannot even provide quality care for a small percentage of citizens yet some people are naive enough to believe the Obama administration should be running one-seventh of the U.S. economy. Keep in mind the horror stories coming from government-rationed reservation care come not from insurance companies, but solely because of government inadequacy.

There is no excuse for the lack of quality care on reservations other than pure government incompetence, on every level. Why would anyone with half a brain think the government is then capable of running health care for the entire population?

True health care reform does not involve a government plan, rather it involves real reforms to make the best system in the world even better, and more accessible using free-market principles.

Another great discussion with a member of the European Parliament on the dangers of a government health care option:

I’ll let the Judge wrap it up:

Social Security… Broke
Medicare……….. Broke
Medicaid………… Broke

But hey, maybe Obamacare will be different since Obama seems very capable of balancing budgets and managing money. Just look at Cash for Clunkers, which once again is soon to be running out of cash for a second time as dealers pull out of the program for fear of not being paid. Obama can’t run Cash for Clunkers, he sure can’t run a health care plan.