Ripping apart the Pelosi-Hoyer health care op-ed

Given the current climate surrounding the health care debate and ever-increasing tensions, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and the House Democratic Majority leader, Steny Hoyer, decided to temper the discussion by calling anyone who questions Obamacare “un-American” and then proceeding to lie about the plan.

From their joint USAToday Obamacare op-ed:

Americans have been waiting for nearly a century for quality, affordable health care.

Health coverage for all was on the national agenda as early as 1912, thanks to Teddy Roosevelt’s Bull Moose presidential run. Months after World War II came to an end in 1945, President Harry Truman called on Congress to guarantee all Americans the “right to adequate medical care and protection from the economic fears of sickness.” From President Lyndon Johnson to President Bill Clinton, to President

Obama’s winning campaign on the promise of reform, there hasn’t been a more debated domestic issue than the promise of affordable health care for all.

The first lie comes in the first sentence as America already has the highest quality health care on earth compared to any other system. Citizens from the world over come here, to America, for the highest quality of care. They are, however, correct in that progressives of all stripes have been trying to nationalize health care for decades.

We believe it is healthy for such a historic effort to be subject to so much scrutiny and debate. The failure of past attempts is a reminder that health insurance reform is a defining moment in our nation’s history — it is well worth the time it takes to get it right. We are confident that we will get this right.

Are they serious? To quote, “it is well worth the time it takes to get it right.” Then why, may I ask, are we trying to jam down a transformation of one-seventh of the US economy in a month’s time? That is too much, I can’t stand these people.

Already, three House committees have passed this critical legislation and over August, the two of us will work closely with those three committees to produce one strong piece of legislation that the House will approve in September.

In the meantime, as members of Congress spend time at home during August, they are talking with their constituents about reform. The dialogue between elected representatives and constituents is at the heart of our democracy and plays an integral role in assuring that the legislation we write reflects the genuine needs and concerns of the people we represent.

Again, if the “dialogue between elected representatives and constituents is at the heart of our democracy” then why don’t the Democrats want a true dialogue? Why can’t they defend this health care nationalization? Why are they afraid of taking questions? Why are they afraid of getting booed by the people who pay their salaries? Furthermore, the people have spoken. Every poll shows a majority not supporting a government health care takeover yet here we are.

See here, here, and here just to name a few on polls.

However, it is now evident that an ugly campaign is underway not merely to misrepresent the health insurance reform legislation, but to disrupt public meetings and prevent members of Congress and constituents from conducting a civil dialogue. These tactics have included hanging in effigy one Democratic member of Congress in Maryland and protesters holding a sign displaying a tombstone with the name of another congressman in Texas, where protesters also shouted “Just say no!” drowning out those who wanted to hold a substantive discussion.

They have picked a few incidents while ignoring dozens of others where constituents ask meaningful questions and got terrible, if any, answer to them. Furthermore, perhaps people would not be hanging their congressman in effigy if said congressman wasn’t lying through their teeth and willing to put his or her own family on the Obamacare plan. Don’t you get that?

See here, here, here, and here among dozens and dozens of examples where Democrats epically fail to answer questions.

Now comes the juicy part, where Hoyer and Pelosi attempt to layout the “facts” for us as they see them.

These disruptions are occurring because opponents are afraid not just of differing views — but of the facts themselves. Drowning out opposing views is simply un-American. Drowning out the facts is how we failed at this task for decades.

Health care is complex. It touches every American life. It drives our economy. People must be allowed to learn the facts.

The first fact is that health insurance reform will mean more patient choice. It will allow every American who likes his or her current plan to keep it. And it will free doctors and patients to make the health decisions that make the most sense, not the most profits for insurance companies.

Reform will mean stability and peace of mind for the middle class. Never again will medical bills drive Americans into bankruptcy; never again will Americans be in danger of losing coverage if they lose their jobs or if they become sick; never again will insurance companies be allowed to deny patients coverage because of pre-existing conditions.

The people attending the town hall meetings are the only ones actually wanting the facts to be heard. Every single congressman and congresswoman who gets behind a mic and ignores facts about government care-rationing and the loss of private insurance is the one drowning out the facts.

See here for the AARP Town Hall where the woman conducting the meeting literally walks out refusing to take questions after saying she wants to take questions.

The next fact is that “health insurance reform,” as it’s now being called, will not mean more patient choice when the company you work for drops private insurance and forces you onto the public health plan. Again, more lies from the Hoyer/Pelosi cabal. Furthermore, doctors will suffer as their payments from the government on Medicare are already 50% to 60% lower than what insurance pays, they will lose money and have to terminate staff to account for it. That will also mean less choice for patients.

See here, here, here, here and the mother of all lie-exposing articles, the Investors Business Daily article exposing the provision which essentially makes private insurance illegal over time, see that one here.

Reform will mean affordable coverage for all Americans. Our plan’s cost-lowering measures include a public health insurance option to bring competitive pressure to bear on rapidly consolidating private insurers, research on health outcomes to better inform the decisions of patients and doctors, and electronic medical records to help doctors save money by working together. For seniors, the plan closes the notorious Medicare Part D “doughnut hole” that denies drug coverage to those with between $2,700 and $6,100 per year in prescriptions.

Need I remind Nancy Pelosi and Steny Hoyer than their own congressional budget office said this plan could increase costs, not lower them. When the government subsidizes high costs, that is not the same as lowering them. CC that memo to all Democrats in congress.

See here and here.

Again though, I don’t want to drown out facts. Private insurance cannot compete with a government plan which has no structure in which it needs to function. The government can drive anyone out of business because it does not have to be profitable, efficient or accountable to anyone.

Reform will also mean higher-quality care by promoting preventive care so health problems can be addressed before they become crises. This, too, will save money. We’ll be a much healthier country if all patients can receive regular checkups and tests, such as mammograms and diabetes exams, without paying a dime out-of-pocket.

Actually, the exact opposite is true. Again though, facts and such. The quality of care will be lowered for everyone in the name of “fairness” and mediocrity. It is such a bold-faced lie to say that Obamacare will increase the quality of care when in every other country which has a socialized health care system, the quality of care is far-below what we have in the United States.

See here, here, and here.

How long do you think people will be waiting for these “free” tests and exams since they won’t pay “a dime out of pocket?” They will have already paid numerous dimes in new taxes so maybe she’s right, you’ll have less in your pocket to pay for them anyway. Plus, you’ll be waiting 6 months for basic tests, but hey, they’re “free” and if you develop cancer before you can get the test, you can have free pain pills to die peacefully in the arms of Obamacare.

Finally, Pelosi and Hoyer conclude their propaganda transmission to the Obamacare SEIU union thugs:

This month, despite the disruptions, members of Congress will listen to their constituents back home and explain reform legislation. We are confident that our principles of affordable, quality health care will stand up to any and all critics.

Now — with Americans strongly supporting health insurance reform, with Congress reaching consensus on a plan, and with a president who ran and won on this specific promise of change — America is closer than ever to this century-deferred goal.

This fall, at long last, we must reach it.

The first line could be re-worded to read: “This month, despite the questions from the people we represent and polls showing Americans don’t support what we’re doing, members of Congress will lie to their constituents back home and explain reform legislation.”

Again they’re using the concept that Americans support reform and equating that with Americans support Obamacare. Americans do support “reform” which leaves our high quality health care system in tact while providing a more accessible market of insurance and less government regulation. They do not, in fact, support government-run health care and government care-rationing as will happen should Obamacare be pushed on us.

Finally, please note the complete lack of facts in the Pelis/Hoyer op-ed. They made blanket statements and provided no proof, numbers, charts or anything to back it up. They essentially regurgitated the President’s talking points about “affordable, quality care for everyone” nonsense as empty words.

In closing, I’d like to leave everyone with this video which really explains what Obamacare is all about:

That’s right, President Obama will be gracious enough to provide you a pain pill to die peacefully if you no longer meet the quotas for who can receive expensive treatment under Obamacare. Sounds like affordable, quality and compassionate care to me.

Have a nice day.