The “angry mob” of concerned Americans rages on

The “angry mob,” as it has now been coined by the Democratic National Committee, is not a “mob” at all. It is merely enough Americans who are sick and tired of paying for more government failure in the form of social programs and socialized health care.

This is my absolute favorite video from every “angry mob” assault at the Obamacare Town Halls:

No, sir indeed. To watch Arlen Specter and Kathleen Sebelius stand there like deer in headlights is priceless. They are awestruck that someone would shine the light of truth and justice on failing government programs and then lay it at their collective feet.

This is my next favorite in which Sgt. Paul Curtman asks Missouri Senator Claire McCaskill for an apology since they are both supposed to be defending the constitution, yet she is trashing it with this socialized health care:

Here’s a transcript of Sgt. Paul Curtman’s question to Claire McCaskill because it is so amazingly good:

We have something in common, we both at one time took an oath to defend the constitution. Her oath took her to Washington, my oath took me overseas with a rifle.

(loud applause, standing ovation)

My constitution that I took an oath to, I know that all the powers of the legislative branch of government are confined in Article 1, Section 8, and they have less than 20 enumerated powers, and nowhere in there is health care mentioned which is really health control, which is also not mentioned. It’s not mentioned anywhere in there so she has no business except fighting against it.

I have mentioned this to politicians before and they take the constitution and turn it into some kind of huge elastic document to try to wrap around everything, but if you read our founding fathers, even they said that the general welfare clause, which is what she’s probably going to try to use to explain this, even the general welfare clause, our founding fathers, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, the father of the constitution, Benjamin Franklin and so on, and so on, every one of them said that the general welfare clause was only to be used within the confines of the enumerate powers within Article 1, Section 8.

Claire McCaskill, I’m not so much looking for an explanation from her, ’cause I’m looking for an apology, because this should not even be introduced….

(loud applause, standing ovation)

Sgt. Paul Curtman hit this out of the ballpark, he is absolutely correct in every way, shape and form. Congress is out of bounds and has been for decades. This man should be commended for his courage of serving his country and his courage of standing up to the powers in Washington when he knows, and we know, that they are dead wrong and not acting constitutionally.

There are dozens and dozens of more videos like this, most with equally valid questions and excellent points, though these two have stuck out as my absolute favorites.

However, responding to these reasoned, well-stated arguments, the DNC and President Obama have stuck up their arrogant noses to the sky ignoring all criticism on this topic. So much for trying to bring the country together. President Obama is a divider, clear and simple. If he truly wanted to unite people, he would not be sanctioning his administration referring to anyone question his Obamacare plans as “crazy right-wingers” or asking people to email the White House with what people are saying about his socialized health care plans.

With that being said, lets meet the angry mob of insane people daring to question the government takeover of 1/7th of the US economy:




So that is the mob. They are you, me and anyone else who is just a tad bit concerned that Washington already has a half-dozen failing social programs going already, maybe we should look at fixing those before we add more inevitable failure to the mix, perhaps? The mob is Americans who believe they do not work for their government, their government works for them. They believe in individual liberty, not government growth and failed programs.

See more here at Meet the Mob.

That being said, I hope to be part of the “angry mob” attending an Obamacare Town Hall in Reston, Virginia on August 25h with Howard Dean and Congressman Jim Moran. I can’t wait to ask them legitimate questions and then have them call me part of the angry mob because they’re too deceitful or incompetent to answer them.

Glenn Beck has more videos along with the arrogant responses of our ruling class in Washington:

Bring it on Obama’s minions, bring it on. America will not lay down and flat and let the Democratic Party steamroll capitalism into the ground. Freedom is bred into us and we are not going to let President Obama or anyone else in the government take it quietly in the night.

President Obama is failing on the health care front so now anyone who questions him has been termed the “angry mob” hoping to derail the “hope and change” garbage. How pathetic is that? This is all grass-roots, all of it. None of these people are being bussed in, they are not being paid, they are genuinely concerned as I am that this country is headed down a dark road where the government decides whether your life is important or not based on whether it’s cost-effective to keep you alive or give you pain pills.