Public confidence erodes on Obamacare

Dick Morris stated months ago that President Obama was on the “down escalator” of approval ratings and it looks like that is beginning to pan out. While he is personally popular, his ridiculous policies, obscene deficits and continued push for more federal takeovers are killing his political capital, thankfully.

Politico reports:

Trust in President Barack Obama and his Democratic allies to identify the right solutions to problems facing the country has dropped off significantly since March, according to a new Public Strategies Inc./POLITICO poll.

Just as Obama intensifies his efforts to fulfill a campaign promise and reach an agreement with Congress on health care reform, the number of Americans who say they trust the president has fallen from 66 percent to 54 percent. At the same time, the percentage of those who say they do not trust the president has jumped from 31 to 42.

The president’s party has taken a similar hit since the last Public Trust Monitor poll, with only 42 percent of respondents saying that they trust the Democratic Party, compared with 52 percent who do not. The party’s numbers are nearly the inverse of March’s survey, in which 52 percent said they trusted Democrats and 42 percent did not.

Obama’s personal approval rating has fallen below 60 percent in a number of recent major polls, and according to a Washington Post/ABC News survey out Monday, support for the president’s leadership on several key issues has fallen below 50 percent.

So we know trust in general has begun to erode, but what about his signature issue of health care?

Asked what effect a government-managed health care coverage option would have on access to health services, 40 percent said it would make the situation worse, 38 percent said it would make it better and 22 percent said it would remain the same. Asked what its effect would be on the quality of health care, 42 percent said it would make health care worse, 33 percent said it would make it better and 25 percent said it would not have an effect.

Nearly half of respondents — 44 percent — believe government-managed coverage will increase the price of health care. Only 27 percent think a government-managed health care system would lower costs, while 29 percent said prices would remain the same.

So a majority of respondents believe that Obamacare will make health care worse, more expensive and cause people to lose their private care.

Now do you see why he has to ram this through like the flash? He has to push this on people before there is time to digest the ramifications of this abysmal failure.

This health care proposal would be the boondoggle to end boondoggles. Think of over a hundred million people being funneled off their private insurance onto the government-run plan. The insanity is more than I can bear.

When President Obama states that you will be able to keep your current insurance, that is a backhanded lie to your face. Sure, you can keep it, until your employer decides to kick you off it and onto the government plan. Furthermore, there are provisions which force you onto the public plan if you lose your insurance. It is a total overstep of federal power.

The American Revolutionary War was fought over issues less egregious that the things President Obama is trying to do to our country.

His lofty rhetoric is despicable as he continues to be totally dishonest with the American people with regard to his vision for a “remade” America. Why the urge to “remake” something which became the beacon of freedom, capitalism and prosperity for the entire world?