July 4th brings celebration and TEA Parties

As our nation prepares to celebrate another Independence Day, many of us will also be exercising our rights of free speech in protesting the ever-increasing federal government intrusion into our lives.

The Examiner reports:

From coast to coast on 4th of July, Americans will be celebrating their independence with a new revolution. They will be attending TEA Parties (Taxed Enough Already) in the name of lower taxes – a response to the unprecedented spending by the Obama administration.

What began as a spur of the moment event at the end of February grew into a national revolt by the April 15th tax day. And now Americans of all political persuasions who believe in lower taxes for a stronger economy are planning their biggest TEA Party to date.

Trent Humphries is the organizer of the Tucson, Arizona TEA Party.

“You have to tip your hat in admiration to those groups who are able to hold an event on the 4th of July. It is a long, difficult slog to develop an effective event on a holiday, especially when City Halls and parks and Recreation departments are onto us this time around are becoming more stringent as to their requirements. The degree of difficulty has risen, but the abilities of our organizers is growing.”

Humphries says there are differences between the April 15th event and the Independence Day one.

“We will have about 20 candidates for state and local office as well as over a dozen political organizations and causes to have tables and booths at out event. We expect to have quite a number of people that have never even heard of the Tea Party to attend due to the amount of fun activities we have planned. That gives us the opportunity to put them before some of the best spokespeople for our cause, such as Tammy Bruce and Tabitha Hale. Should be a good time.” Conservative stand-up comic Stephen Kruiser, host of RFC Radio’s Planet Kruiser, will be emcee-ing the event.

Conservative pundit and Fox News regular Michelle Malkin will be speaking at the Dallas TEA Party, which will be packed with entertainment including internet comedian Steven Crowder.

Greensboro, NC will be having a more traditional Fourth of July cookout/TEA Party, with hot dogs and “good ole American apple pie.”

To find a TEA Party near you, cllick here.

Just a measure of scale, check out the nationwide map of known gatherings:

View the map here.

More to come later.

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