Obama reverses on taxing health care benefits

I saw this story and it immediately reminded me of the Presidential campaign and something then-Senator Obama chastised Senator McCain for yet now, for perfectly predictable reasons, is himself considering. My how the tables turn.

The WaPo reports:

President Obama, in a pivot from some of his harshest campaign rhetoric, told Democratic senators yesterday that he is willing to consider taxing employer-sponsored health benefits to help pay for a broad expansion of coverage.

Senate Finance Committee Chairman Max Baucus (D-Mont.) said Obama expressed a willingness to consider changing the existing tax exclusion. The decision would probably anger liberal supporters such as labor unions, but such a tax change would raise enormous sums of money as Congress and the White House are struggling to find the estimated $1.2 trillion needed to pay for health-care reform over the next decade.

“Yeah, it’s something that he might consider,” Baucus told reporters after the meeting between Obama and Democratic lawmakers. “That was discussed. It’s on the table.” Obama had summoned about two dozen senators to the White House to keep up the pressure to enact a comprehensive health-care overhaul this year.

White House officials moved quickly to clarify that taxing the health insurance provided by businesses is not Obama’s first choice, but aides refused to rule out the possibility.

Funny, lets watch an ad from the campaign that Obama is now retro-actively running against himself about the audacity of McCain wanting to tax health care benefits “for the first time ever”:

The ad ends with “taxing health care, not fixing it.” Again, can the irony get any thicker? Do I need to even explore this aspect? President Obama is looking for every which way to create government-run health care by taxing you coming and going. This would be nationalizing health care, not fixing it.

The description from the YouTube page:

“Prescription” highlights how John McCain would tax health care benefits for the first time ever with a health care tax credit that goes straight to the insurance companies, not to the American people, leaving the middle class on their own. On the air…

So again, I’m guess that Obama’s unquestioning supporters will try to unconvincingly tell me that this is different because it’s coming from Obama and he knows how to do socialism right, unlike John McCain.

They will argue that the tax revenue under McCain would go to insurance companies while the tax revenue under Obama would go to pay for your health care under government control. Gee, what an option. A fine option unless you become expendable based on the cost-benefit analysis and they pull the plug on you. Health care will be great when the government decides how long you can live. I think we saw that before and it wasn’t too pleasant.

President Obama does not care how much wealth he thieves from the private economy, so long as you become dependent on him and the federal government for your well being and reason to live.

On another note, what happened to those making “under $250,000” seeing no new taxes? This tax would obviously affect their health care benefits making yet another of his campaign statements a total lie. Then again, he’s already raised cigarette taxes which made the “under $250,000” claim null and void, so why should we be shocked?

Nonetheless, chalk this one up to Obama’s backpedaling on his campaign rhetoric because his fluff doesn’t coincide with reality.