(Video) Adnan Barqawi addresses the 2009 RPV

Over the weekend my wife and I attended the 2009 Republican Party of Virginia convention held in Richmond. The convention’s purpose was to determine the state-wide Republican candidates for Virginia Attorney General, Lieutenant Governor and the state GOP Party chairmanship.

There were numerous speakers, including Sean Hannity, however, one speech stood out in particular and was one of the greatest speeches I’ve ever heard. This was not a speech for Virginia residents, but for all freedom-loving Americans who believe in personal responsibility and individual freedom.

This speech was delivered by a Virginia Tech Corp Cadet named Adnan Barqawi. He immigrated to the United States only 4 years ago from Kuwait and is an amazing individual. He gives his life story and is incredibly inspiring, he is the only speaker who had the entire crowd on their feet giving him numerous standing ovations. His speech was heartfelt.

Watch in full, you won’t be disappointed. Sorry for the video quality, it is the only video I have found this far:

Part 1:

Part 2:

Such an amazing story, I believe we will hear great things from him for years to come.

The entire convention was an overwhelming success. Bob McDonnell will be Virginia’s next governor, he is an excellent conservative candidate with impeccable credentials. The Democrats will be hard pressed to get any traction against him.

Ken Cuccinelli won the nomination for Attorney General and Bill Bolling will seek reelection as Virginia’s Lieutenant Governor.

For those interested, here is video of Ken Cuccinelli’s speech:

More convention highlights:

Will post more speech videos when I find them.