(Video) Excellent discussion on capitalism and liberty

I listened to this yesterday on the way home from work and it was a fascinating discussion to hear concerning capitalism, liberty and where America is currently headed. These are basic principles most Americans can agree on so I felt the need for an obligatory post on this subject.

Here you go, it’s 11 minutes but worth it in my opinion:

In this context, an interesting poll caught my eye the other day. It was a question, posed to Michigan residents, whether you thought the Obama administration’s involvement with the auto makes has helped or hurt thus far:

Michiganians appear evenly divided in their belief that President Barack Obama’s heavy involvement in restructuring the auto industry is doing more harm than good, a Detroit News/WXYZ survey shows.

With Chrysler LLC in bankruptcy proceedings and General Motors Corp. apparently ready to follow suit, 42 percent of poll respondents say Obama’s role has hurt the domestic automakers while 39 percent say he’s been helpful. The poll’s margin of error is plus or minus 4 percentage points.

That was interesting considering Michigan will obviously be most directly affected by a bailout or lack thereof in the long run. To see such a split, with no overwhelming numbers in favor of government involvement, said to me that America, in general, is not comfortable with government interference and ownership in the private sector. In Michigan, of all places, they are not overwhelmingly impressed with the government takeover.

I would like to see a national poll of the same question, it would be interesting to compare.

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