Make this man President, pronto! (Update)

Once I listened to Representative Marco Rubio’s farewell address to the Florida House of Representatives, I felt the need to share his outstanding, positive vision for America. Plus, this man doesn’t use a teleprompter because everything he says is coming from his heart, he truly believes it.

Marco Rubio is running in 2010 for the Florida US Senate seat being vacated by Mel Martinez. He is running in a primary against Florida Governor Charlie Crist.

I couldn’t agree with him more on everything he says, he’s fantastic. He is not afraid to speak of his faith in God which shows his true character.

You can learn more about Rubio on his exploratory committee website.


More from Rubio in a great interview:

He is correct on that whole range of issues. He obviously knows what he’s talking about and knows how to defend his positions.