Donald Trump compares Miss California to Obama

This morning I tuned in to see if Carrie Prejean’s would keep her crown and title as Miss California. I was pleased to hear that Donald Trump and the Miss USA pageant ruled in favor of Miss Prejean. I have to admit coming from a legal background I understand the argument that Miss Prejean was involved in a breach of contract by signing forms that prohibited her from posing provocatively for any reason.

However, I think we all know that these photos probably wouldn’t have come to light if it wasn’t for the answer she gave at the Miss USA pageant when questioned by Perez Hilton. I took a lot of guts for her to answer with conviction, I was proud that this beautiful women stood by her faith and was willing to endure public scrutiny.

Here’s video of the press conference with Donald Trump and Carrie Prejean from earlier today:

That was an excellent statement she made and I’m glad she’s sticking to her guns.

I also have to wonder why President Obama hasn’t taken the same criticism for this statement:

Why is it that when Miss California says that she doesn’t believe in gay marriage, she’s massacred in the press? However, when President Obama states that he doesn’t believe in gay marriage, nobody even thinks twice about.

President Obama even said that he believes marriage should be defined as being between one man and one woman and he’s not getting trashed by gay celebrity bloggers.

Miss California stuck to her convictions and so did Barack Obama.

Can someone explain the double standard?