Classic liberal hypocrisy from

This one is so good I can’t contain my utter contempt for the left-wing activists who once chided President Bush’s deficits yet now make excuses for President Obama’s.

Seems that the liberal PAC took a quarrel with President Bush’s spending and put out this ad back in March of 2008 called “Child’s Play“:

Funny, I don’t remember President Bush ever hitting a “trillion dollar deficit.” Oh wait, that would be President Obama who will be hitting a $1.85 trillion deficit this year. So I guess, in essence, President Obama’s spending is indeed making President Bush’s spending look like “child’s play,” they’re correct.

So thank you for pointing this out.

Yes, President Obama, who is going to pay off your $1.85 trillion deficit on top of President Bush’s $400 billion deficit?

There is no good answer here and it simply proves that liberals are fine with deficits so far as they’re done by Democrat Presidents. I think Bush’s spending was terrible as well but now it pales in comparison to Obama.