(Video) The real victims of Hope and Change

President Obama’s unwarranted decision to abruptly end the successful Washington, DC school voucher program has left many families scrambling to find ways to keep their kids from returning to failing public schools.

One might ask why a President, who is in favor of “choice” when it comes to many things, is vehemently opposed to giving parents the choice to choose a better school.

This was a moving interview from today on Fox & Friends:

Some may argue that we shouldn’t provide vouchers for parents to send their kids to private schools if their public schools are failing. I would counter by saying that we spend billions every year on education, we spend more now than ever and yet the public schools have not generally improved.

Therefore, instead of wastefully pouring money into public schools without making necessary changes, why not try targeting the money at parents and students who want a better choice in their schooling?

For some hard evidence of the overwhelming success just look at what DC public schools spend per student versus the cost per student of the voucher program each year:

DC Public School Spending Per Student: $26,555 annuallysource

DC Voucher Program Spending Per Student: $7,500 annuallysource

It’s cost effective and producing tremendously better results than the DC public schools. Students are receiving a better education at a fraction of the cost in a better school environment.

Some vouchers are even less than $7,500:

According to the official study of the DC voucher program, the average voucher amount is less than $6,000. That is less than ONE QUARTER what DC is spending per pupil on education. And yet, academic achievement in the voucher program is at least as good as in the District schools, and voucher parents are much happier with the program than are public school parents.

It has produced nothing but positive results in our nation’s capital yet President Obama, under pressure from teachers unions, has decided to end the program with no valid reasoning.