Obama coverage more positive than Bush, Clinton (Upd)

No shock here as the media is as close as you can get to the official state-sponsored media arm of the Obama administration. However, to see the coverage from Pew Research showing Obama getting tremendously more favorable coverage than even Bill Clinton is fascinating.

Pew research reports:

As he marks his 100th day in office, President Barack Obama has enjoyed substantially more positive media coverage than either Bill Clinton or George Bush during their first months in the White House, according to a new study of press coverage.

Overall, roughly four out of ten stories, editorials and op ed columns about Obama have been clearly positive in tone, compared with 22% for Bush and 27% for Clinton in the same mix of seven national media outlets during the same first two months in office, according to a study by the Pew Research Center’s Project for Excellence in Journalism.

The study found positive stories about Obama have outweighed negative by two-to-one (42% vs. 20%) while 38% of stories have been neutral or mixed.

When a broader universe of media—one that includes 49 outlets and reflects the more modern media culture of 2009, is examined, the numbers for Obama’s coverage are similar, though somewhat less positive and somewhat more negative. In this expanded universe of media—which includes news websites, additional regional and local newspapers, plus cable news, network morning news, and National Public Radio, 37% of Obama’s coverage has been positive, 40% neutral and 23% negative.

Several factors may be at play in the favorable tone Obama has received during these first months. One element is the pace and sweep of Obama’s activities. Bush and Clinton both started their presidencies pursuing policy agendas much more of their own making than Obama has. But the data suggest the current president has managed the media narrative anyway by responding to the economic crisis with so many new proposals and doing so many events that it has been hard for both his critics and the media to keep up.

I believe that last bold sentence has been the plan all along. Keep your critics all over the place by never backing down from new proposals. Furthermore, this keeps the media and the public from getting a chance to actually examine the merits of the legislation. Moreover, it allows the administration to use fear mongering tactics by employing words like “crisis” and “catastrophe” to push though bad legislation.

The Pew Research graph of coverage between Obama, Clinton and Bush:

The media is being much more pro-Obama than even Clinton, the last Democrat media darling.

More interesting tidbits from the study:

In contrast with Clinton and Bush, Obama’s treatment was more favorable than skeptical both in news coverage and on newspaper opinion pages. For Clinton, on the other hand, news coverage tilted toward the negative, while newspaper op eds and editorial offered favor. The treatment went the other way for Bush, with news coverage leaning positive, while op ed and editorials studied were decidedly negative.

So not only does “hard news” paint Obama favorably, the op/ed pages do the same.

The topics covered have also has been different for Obama versus his predecessors. Roughly twice as much of the coverage of Obama (44%) has concerned his personal and leadership qualities than was the case for Bush (22%) or Clinton (26%). Less of the coverage, meanwhile, has focused on his policy agenda.

The Obama “fluff” pieces about his family or beach vacations have been everywhere. Furthermore, the media does not examine his policies, they simply examine the way he speaks and what his intentions are.

The bottom line here is that nothing is out of the ordinary nor does it come as a shock. It is, sadly, expected from the media-government complex which now exists between Obama and his propaganda arm known as the mainstream media.

The victim here is objective coverage. None of the major media outlets can provide objective reporting because they have a stake in Obama’s success since they openly rooted for him. Furthermore, I’m sure Obama is “too big to fail” which means we cannot report anything negative.


More confirmation as this video shows how the White House Press Corp rises for their leader but doesn’t move when President Bush enters the room:

Too funny.