Minute Man Challenges Shamnesty McCain for Senate

John McCain will be given a run for his money in this up coming 2010 primary. If you haven’t yet heard, Chris Simcox, the founder of the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps has announced that he will run against McCain for his senate seat.

Ben Smith has the scoop:

“John McCain has failed miserably in his duty to secure this nation’s borders and protect the people of Arizona from the escalating violence and lawlessness,” Simcox said. “He has fought real efforts over the years at every turn, opting to hold our nation’s border security hostage to his amnesty schemes. Coupled with his votes for reckless bailout spending and big government solutions to our nation’s problems, John McCain is out of touch with everyday Arizonans. Enough is enough.”

Conservatives reluctantly supported McCain in the 2008 Presidential race mainly because the likes of Barack Obama riding up Pennsylvania Avenue on his unicorn spewing hope and change, frankly, scarred the taxes out of us. So it is to no shock that conservatives are fed up and only have finally stepped forward to strip John McCain of his Senate seat.

“Simcox, with a national base and a high profile on the right, is well positioned to give McCain a serious local headache. He’ll find some allies among the conservatives who recently took over the Arizona Republican Party from McCain’s allies, and he has a national fundraising base.”

Promotional campaign video from Simcox:

A link to Chris Simcox’s campaign page:

Simcox for Senate

It’s about time! Can you say term limits?