Is Obama to “cool” to be seen with Jesus?

First Notre Dame, now Georgetown. So what’s going on with Catholic Universities rolling over on their own values to host Lord Obama? Why aren’t the Bishops from these districts putting a stop to this? Obviously the Provosts on both campuses are doing nothing to stop Obama from speaking openly on their campuses. We are talking about thee most Pro-Abortion, third trimester late term abortionist, Pro-infanticide President America has seen to date.

It seems as though the Obama clan is trying to send a subliminal message to the liberal Americans which is “see these Catholics don’t really mean what they preach”. Let alone the message is it sending the “Cathlo-crats” (a term Nate created in 2004 when John Kerry was running for office).

The Obama White House had a few suggestions for Georgetown before they could officially host President Obama.

From NBC 4 Washington:

Amidst all of the American flags and presidential seals, there was something missing when President Barack Obama gave an economic speech at Georgetown University this week — Jesus.

The White House asked Georgetown to cover a monogram symbolizing Jesus’ name in Gaston Hall, which Obama used for his speech, according to

The gold “IHS” monogram inscribed on a pediment in the hall was covered over by a piece of black-painted plywood, and remained covered over the next day, reported.

The Washington Times’ Belief Blog asked the university about the presidential request:

He’s an image showing the Gaston Hall stage without the symbol being covered:


I don’t know what angers me more, Obama’s administration ordering that the cross be covered or that Georgetown actually covered the cross. Where is the backbone Georgetown, do you not operate under the Catholic decree?

Here’s the covering:

Perhaps Obama just didn’t want to be upstaged by the actual Messiah.