Tax Day Tea Parties: Overwhelming Success!

All-in-all the estimates are that around 1,700 events were organized across the entire country today in an effort to speak out against wasteful government spending an eventual resulting tax increases. People are sick and tired of not being listened to and they’re finally making their voices heard nationwide.

There are massive rallies of tends of thousands of people, like this one at the Alamo in San Antonio. Glenn Beck sums up pretty much exactly what these tea parties are about:

More scenes from around the country today are posted below. The mood at every event seemed to be upbeat about the amount of people in attendance and angry at the amount of government being foisted upon them by the current politicians in Washington.

Neil Cavuto in Sacramento, California:

We’ll start with a report from Washington, DC:

Video from the Albany Times-Union in Albany, New York:

Report from WBTV in Charlotte, North Carolina:

Fox 25 from Boston, Massachusetts:

WZTV from Nashville, Tennessee:

WGRZ from Buffalo, New York:

There were also gatherings in smaller communities like the little town of Norwich in upstate New York:

I could go on posting probably a hundred more videos from around the country and local media.

Here’s some national reporting which pales in comparison to the local reports:


MSNBC (A disgrace of a network):

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Most of the mainstream networks cannot comprehend why these people are ticked off. Take this clip from CNN earlier today:

The audacity of that CNN reported to brush trillions of dollars in spending and socialist policies by trying to tell the guy he’s getting a “$400 tax credit.” Excuse me ma’am, maybe you’re too arrogant and elitist to understand why these people are here and what they’re speaking out for. That was a pathetic example of media bias and a joke.

Some pictures provided by our own Conservative Gal of the DC gathering:








The DC event was a little subdued due to the weather but it was still a good showing. What is astonishing is the countless gatherings all over this great nation. The Tax Day Tea Party was an overwhelming success in proving that people will speak out for their freedom against big government spending and taxation.

Washington should take notice. The next event is planned for July 4th, 2009. It will be the Independence Day Tea Party and it will make these events look small.

Sound off below on your thoughts and/or experiences from attending anywhere around the country.