Harvard student takes on Congressman Frank

Connecticut congressman Barney Frank has yet to admit much of his role in the housing debacle known as the mortgage meltdown brought on by his incompetence when it came to Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. Finally someone had the opportunity to ask Mr. Frank about this issue and, of course, it did not come from the media.

From MyFoxBoston:

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. (AP) – It all started with a question: “How much responsibility, if any, do you have for the financial crisis?”

Rep. Barney Frank and a conservative Harvard law student debated over how Frank should have handled his role as the House Chairman of the Financial Services Committee. Frank was at Harvard University for a speech at the Kennedy School of Government.

Frank said the student wasn’t backing up his claims, invoking some laughter from the crowd, and the student told Frank he wasn’t answering his question.

Video of the exchange between Barney Frank and a Harvard University student:

Frank can’t answer because he’s never admitted an ounce of wrongdoing. He’s a disgrace and should have the decency to resign in disgrace. In fact, if he admitted what everyone already knows about his involvement, I’d have more respect for him.

Watch as Barney Frank, among many others, claim that nothing is wrong at Fannie/Freddie:

They’re pathetic political hacks who hurt us all.