(Video) Glenn Beck Breaks Down AIG Bonus “Scandal”

Beck has a way of cutting through the bull like no one else. Here’s a good breakdown of what’s really going on here in the whole AIG bonus scandal. It’s sickening that he government is having selective outrage at this moment since people like Sen. Chris Dodd knew about these bonuses for over a year and didn’t care until it became political expedient to do so.

Beck explains:

Deeper explanation:

So there you have it. While I’m disgusted at AIG’s actions, I’m more disgusted at the inexcusable incompetence on the part of our government with regard to wasting taxpayer money in the first place.

Once again, like bailing out a fox with chickens and then being shocked that the fox eats one of the chickens. Shocking that when a failing company who grovels for taxpayer dollars doesn’t have the shame to refuses their bonuses. It never should have been given to them in the first place.

Plus, here’s a little bonus from my favorite CNBC report, the great Rick Santelli:

Good points from Santelli, as always. Don’t forget about Obama’s atrocious bailouts and destruction of public trust.

This is the trouble with bailouts.