Hit ’em Where It Counts….Poll Ratings

As conservatives and republicans, we need to start drafting a plan to take back our country. The problem is, we have at least 2 years before we can actually stop this Socialist Unitarian. With the big three under attack like never before (life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness), we need to start applying the breaks before this maniac runs over capitalism completely. So how should we do this? Our best bet is to hit Obama’s approval ratings. Let’s start laying the ground work for a 2010 election.

By now we’re all aware that Warren Buffett along with Jim Cramer and others have come out and opposed Obama’s economic policies, well sort of. The men I mentioned are still too scared to waive the red flag on Obama’s attack on Capitalism just yet. They curse his policies then at the end of their rants they remind their audience that they have love for Obama and, by the way, they voted for him. Why is it that these men and others are afraid to come out fully and fight the on Capitalism? Because they are afraid the Obama administration will take aim at them the same way they are targeting Rush Limbaugh. What would give supporters of Capitalism incentive to speak out and waive the red flag is if Obama’s approval ratings were to fall.

Rush Worm Finally turning
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Rush Limbaugh: Is the Worm Beginning to Turn? Buffett Throws Obama Under Bus

If Obama wasn’t perceived to be high in approval ratings, which he’s no better than average, moderate-leaning Democrats wouldn’t be so scared to speak against him. They fear his minions in the mainstream media and liberal groups who will target them for questioning the leader.

They need to stand up for principles they know are right. These people know, in their hearts, that Obama is wrong, and they need to stand for the country against Obama without reservation. The repercussions be damned, it’s time to stand up for capitalist principles against the Obama regime.

Rush How to Slow Down Obama
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Rush Limbaugh: How Can We Slow Down Obama?

Obama’s poll ratings will go down when the people who voted for him realize he’s fallible. They will realize that when you inform them. These are your friends, neighbors, family members and co-workers. These are people who do not read policy, nor will they inform themselves of history, yet they will simply think Obama is “change” and he must be right. It is your job to inform them of the dangers of Obama’s socialist plans. It is your job to inform them of the capitalist principles the country was founded on and explain why the country became great. People need to be told from you because they will not get it from the media and they certainly won’t ever hear Obama debate the merits of his policies with anyone.