Emanuel Verifies Obama’s Socialism Agenda

In an interview with Sean Hannity recently, Rush Limbaugh was asked if he wanted to see President Obama succeed as President.  This was his response:

If this is your first time hearing the actual comment in context, you’ve probably been watching too much MSNBC.  But as you can hear, Rush CLEARLY states that if he wants to continue on a path that brings greatness back to America as Reaganomics did, then he most certainly wants him to SUCCEED.   If, however, Obama wants to lead America down a path to Socialism, then yes, he wants him to fail at that agenda.

That’s a clear multiple choice, isn’t it?  An either/either kinda thing. 

1) I want him to succeed if leading America back to what made it great is his agenda, and

2) I want him to fail if his agenda is Socialism.

Interestingly enough, President Obama’s Chief of Staff – who is by definition the voice of President Obama – clearly admitted the President’s agenda is Socialism in his interview this past weekend on ABC’s “Meet the Press”.  Here are his words:

Let’s not insult Mr. Emanuel’s intelligence.  He, as the President’s spokesman, would not have commented on Rush’s statements without first listening to them in their entirety.  He would clearly have known there were two choices given to him by the Limbaugh interview, and he would have chosen the one that fit the President’s agenda. 

How encouranging it would have been if Mr. Emanuel had said something like “The President is very glad to have Mr. Limbaugh’s support in his efforts to restore America to its former greatness”?  This would have been a testament to President Obama’s agenda to do just that.

How frightening that he chose, instead, to verify Mr. Limbaugh’s suspicions by declaring, indeed, that Mr. Limbaugh will want Obama to fail, because the agenda – apparently – is the onslaught of Socialism.  It has to be – that’s the one his Chief of Staff chose to comment on.

You know, sometimes you really have to listen to what people like Rush and Mr. Emanuel say.  You thought Mr. Emanuel was making an accusation against Rush, didn’t you?  No, no, my friend. 

That was an announcement from the White House – clear as day.