Cramer: Obama Causing “greatest wealth destruction”

CNBC’s Jim Cramer, hardly a right-wing ideologue by any stretch of the imagination, heavily criticized President Obama’s budget and spending proposals this morning on the Today Show. I think it’s clear that Cramer is saying what the Obama lovers refuse to admit but everyone with half a brain already knows.

TV Newser reports:

NBC’s Tom Costello, on duty at the White House today, asked press secretary Robert Gibbs about some comments made by his CNBC colleague Jim Cramer. On the Today show this morning, Cramer called Pres. Obama’s budget a “radical agenda,” adding, “This is the greatest wealth destruction I’ve seen by a President.”

“I’m not entirely sure what he’s pointing to to make some of the statements,” said Gibbs. “And you can go back and look at any number of statements he’s made in the past about the economy and wonder where some of the back-up for those are too.”

Cramer is correct on this, for once.

Here’s video via MSObamaNBC:

This is just the latest in a string of attacks on Obama’s big government plans by anyone who knows how to operate a calculator. Anyone who can do basic arithmetic knows it’s bad for our country and will only help destroy wealth.

More from Cramer:

See, we all now know that Obama’s socialist plans are bad for the country, too bad some of us already knew before the election. Buyer’s remorse, indeed.