Obama Has Become A Walking Contradiction

It seems lately that every other word out of The One’s mouth has to do with fiscal discipline while the next word has to do with wasting trillions of your tax dollars to grow the government to unseen levels.

Here’s a great illustration of our President having it both ways:


“We’ve gotta spend some money now to pull us out of this recession. But as soon as we’re out of this recession we’ve gotta get serious about living within our means instead of leaving debt for our children and grandchildren and our great-grandchildren. That’s not the responsible way. That’s not how folks here in Peoria operate in their own lives, and they should expect the government is equally responsible.”

Are you kidding me? We have to spend trillions now and then later we’re going to be disciplined.

Joseph Farah at WorldNetDaily takes Obama to task asking some simple questions:

Well, maybe I don’t understand. A few questions come to mind:

* If spending money you don’t have is a good thing in times of economic crisis, why is it a bad thing in good times?

* If Obama acknowledges what we all know to be the truth, that his economic gimmicky is simply making our children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren responsible for our problems, why is he doing it? How is that moral?

* If it’s not responsible, does that make him irresponsible?

* Why doesn’t he explain how increased debt to build Frisbee golf courses and more funding for the street agitators in ACORN is going to help turn around the economy?

* And lastly, how do you like being preached to about fiscal responsibility by a man who wants you to bail out homeowners who are not making their mortgage payments?

The debt created by our federal government now exceeds the gross domestic product of the entire world. That literally means there isn’t enough money in the world to pay back what Washington has borrowed. How does a country extricate itself from that dilemma? You can’t print money fast enough to keep up with the rising debt.

We won’t be able to pay even the interest on the debt we’re creating under Obama’s plan for several generations.

Can anyone answer those questions legitimately? I’m certain the answer is a resounding no.

Obama and his minions are not living in reality, or at least they’re just making up their own and subjecting us all to it for generations to come. Can anyone look me squarely in the eye and tell me, without reservation, that a massive federal government stealing our wealth and controlling our lives is a good thing? Those who can are too stupid or too ignorant to know the inherent dangers in a buildup of power at the federal level.

Hopefully the American people will reject his policies in 2010 and hand congress back to the Republicans. That is, of course, if the Republicans can continue growing a spine to offer capitalism as an alternative to Obama’s own flavor of socialist rhetoric.