Fox Biz Piles on ACORN’s Breaking and Entering

Stuart Varney of the Fox Business Network took on one of the ACORN ring leaders over their foreclosure break-in activities and the resulting video is priceless.


Notice how it’s never the individual’s fault, it’s always the bank’s fault, or the economy’s fault, or the mortgage broker’s fault, never the individual who signed on the dotted line.

Please, this is becoming childish to keep blaming everyone else, grow some and get on with it.

Here’s where you tax dollars will be headed, the top 4 foreclosure states:

1. Nevada: 1 in 76 homes

2. California: 1 in 173 homes

3. Arizona: 1 in 182 homes

4. Florida: 1 in 214 homes

(As of January 2009)

Notice the connection? All states which are known for investment properties, condos, second homes, etc…

You’ll be bailing out people who overbought so they could have a winter condo, congrats! Or, if you prefer, you’ll be bailing out people who bought a home for $87,000, then refinanced a mortgage for $270,000, then blew it all and went bankrupt. Sounds like a good deal to me, no?