(Updated) ACORN Trespassing Into Foreclosed Homes

Perhaps this is a part of President Obama’s Economic Recovery Act by directing his former employer, ACORN, to break back into foreclosed properties and trespass with the former owners.

This is funny, especially when they tell you at the end that the house they broke into is already owned by someone else and the footage is on the news for everyone to see:

I’m betting this woman signed the papers on an adjustable rate mortgage and she’s now angry/surprised when it adjusts up $300 a month. This isn’t to say that I don’t feel compassion for people in her situation, however, it’s not my fault she didn’t read what she signed. The mortgage company is to blame for giving her a mortgage they knew she couldn’t afford and she’s to blame for signing on a mortgage she knew she couldn’t afford.

It’s not my responsible to pay for her greed of wanting a house she couldn’t afford.

Do people not understand the concept of an adjustable rate mortgage? Yes, you can afford the payment today, but can you afford it 6 months to a year from now if the rate adjusts and your payment goes up? Does anyone stop and think?

Major Update

Apparently ACORN and the woman picture in the above video are liars, big shocker.

Michelle Malkin has busted this wide open:

On Feb. 18, I warned about the ACORN civil disobedience mob working in ideological tandem with Barack Obama to bully Washington into passing a massive new foreclosure prevention/mortgage entitlement scheme. On Feb. 20, I noted that ACORN garnered nationwide media attention for breaking and entering into a foreclosed home in Baltimore at 315 South Ellwood Ave. ACORN vows to use “any means necessary” to stop foreclosures. Baltimore police have taken fingerprints at the break-in site and the current owner, William Lane, says he will sue ACORN. The home was sold in June 2008 for $192,000. This morning, ACORN official Louis Beverly will face a burglary charge. Look for the Left to turn him into a martyr.

It is not your home, ACORN.

Here is what the MSM won’t be telling you about the so-called “victim” in that case, ACORN worker Donna Hanks — all based on public records and court documents.

According to real property data search information, Hanks bought the two-story home in the summer of 2001 for $87,000. At some point in the next five years, she re-financed the original home loan for $270,000.

Question: Where did all that money go?

The house initially went into foreclosure proceedings in the spring of 2006. In July 2006, Hanks filed for bankruptcy and agreed to a Chapter 13 plan which was served to the following creditors: Americas Servicing Co, Bank Of America, Chase, Covahey, Boozer, Devan & Dore, and Discover. She agreed to repay $10,500 in arrears, which resulted in a halt to the 2006 foreclosure.

In September 2006, the bankruptcy court ordered Hanks’ employer to deduct $340/month from her salary as a bartender to pay down the debt (total net monthly take home pay of $1,228).

Hanks’ Schedule I showed additional monthly income of $1,625 for a second and third claimed jobs, plus pro-rated tax refund income.

Hanks did not comply with the plan. In December 2007, the servicer issued a notice of default on nearly $7,000 past due.

In February 2008, Baltimore City Circuit Court records show a second foreclosure action was filed.

She had two years to pay what she owed. She failed to comply.

When she told local TV station WJZ that her evil bank raised her mortgage by $300 (”The mortgage went up $300 in one month”), she’s talking about the amount in arrears that she agreed to pay back.

While she was reneging on her mortgage IOUS, she managed to collect rent on her basement (for which she was taken to court) and rack up a criminal record on charges of theft and second degree assault.

So there you have it, see Michelle’s original original post which includes all the documents and links to go along with the story.

These are the “victims” your hard-earned tax dollar are going to help. People who buy $87,000 houses and then refinance for $270,000 and are now having financial difficulties, go figure.

ACORN was corrupt when Obama worked for them and they’re even more corrupt today, when will he condemn this behavior of breaking and entering into foreclosed homes? My guess is never because of hope and change my friends, hope and change.