The Dear John Letter

After the election on November 4th, and before the $1.5 Million dollars worth of trash was strewn across the scene of Obama’s inauguration, I sat down tiredly and wrote a Dear John letter to John McCain. This election cycle had worn me down. I felt I had done my best, fought my hardest, and still I had failed. I could only imagine how Sen. McCain felt.

You Decide 2008 was my favorite battleground, and I did not fight here alone. Even as Obama supporters celebrated what has already become a hollow victory in so many ways, there we sat on the right – exhausted, devastated, and in mourning for our great nation. And so I wrote a personal letter to the man who – in my mind – represented the last man standing between the United States of America and the United Socialist States of America. It read like this:

Dear John,

It is with such sadness that I must face the fact that my country has chosen to elect a President who has divided us more as a country than any other President since Lincoln. I wish someone had told me this was the year that an African American President had to be elected for the sake of saying we did it. I would have voted for Jesse Jackson. I may not like him, but at least I know who he is and what he stands for. I know none of this about Obama. To elect a President because he’s the politically correct color shows the shallowness of our times and our citizens, and speaks directly to our nation’s standing in the world.

How sad that we have missed the opportunity to elect a President who was more qualified to lead than any other candidate we have seen in a very long time. You would have undoubtedly been the most powerful President in decades against our enemies, the most bipartisan President our Congress has ever seen, and the most insightful and aggressive President in bringing us into the 21st century for energy independence. But instead, the country chose the fickle romanticism of hope. And because those people did, we all will suffer.

I also realize that with your defeat, our hope for energy independence has been defeated as well. We will not “drill, baby, drill”, and we will not build the much needed nuclear power plants. Millions of jobs will now be lost with the failure of that plan, and we will remain in bed with foreign oil and terrorists. The people of Pennsylvania apparently liked their new President’s sorry opinion of them – they’ve given him their support via their votes. When they are forced to sit on the hoard of coal our country needs in its energy independence while drawing their welfare checks from Obama, I will find no sympathy for them.

I must thank you, John, for teaching me the ins and outs of politics; for allowing me to work for you and your cause as an ex-democrat and professed independent. I’m an educated woman, and I find myself a winner today in that I can now declare myself a newborn conservative Republican, and a proud one at that. The values I have learned from you throughout this campaign has taught me that – in the face of wild eyed panic – you sit down quietly and reasonably and solve the worst of calamities with a conservative, common sense approach. I don’t know why I ever thought I was a democrat. We are now faced with four more years of Jimmy Carter policies, along with the most radical leaders in Congress. Jimmy Carter. I remember those years well, and I do not look forward to reliving them.

I predict 2012 will be the year of young conservative Republicans like Sarah Palin and Bobby Jindal. The Republican Party will become the party of youth and reform, and perhaps the real minority in America – women – will finally have our chance to be equal. The Jedi Master’s effect on the shallow and misguided youth will wear off within his first year in office.  Already his campaign promises are being unraveled and contradicted, and the honeymoon is near to being over before it’s ever begun.

I know you must be tired, John. We all are. But we will not give up; we will fight on the battlegrounds available to us for the next two years. And we will be prepared to balance this nation’s Congress again in 2010, and reclaim our country from Socialism in 2012.

I thank you John, for your efforts, your caring, and your fighting spirit that has taught me the only way to bring about real change is to work for it and fight for it. I knew that when I was 18, but I lost it somewhere along the way.

I pledge to you that I will remain a staunch new supporter of the Republican Party, and a strong and loud opponent of the radical and liberal policies that would ruin our great nation. Your message was not lost on me.

And so I close this letter, Dear John, with the utmost respect for you, your integrity, and your principals. And with the sincerest of gratitude for awakening my patriotism, pride, and fighting spirit for my country – for reminding me that I really can make a difference.


How ironic that those rambling words born of defeat would be the very words that – when revisited – has inspired me to again pick up the gauntlet and return to the battle field. Since the writing of that letter, I have watched the new President beg and bully the Congress into giving him whatever he feels entitled to as the new leader, but I have also watched something else unfold.

I have watched great men stand before us all and admit past mistakes of waste and self interest. And I have seen those same men stand on the floor of the House and Senate, raging and screaming at the democratic raping of our country and its citizens. Those great men are Republicans – all of them. The kind of Republicans who have, in years gone by, been responsible for elevating our country to the status of the greatest nation in the world. They’re back. And I’m standing with them. I’m fighting along side of them. And I’m proud to be here. If you’re smart, you’ll stand with us.

I’m the Newborn Conservative, and I’ll be in your face for the next four years.