Obama Threatens Federal and Local Government Agencies



Even though a large portion of America believes that President Obama is the instigator of wasting taxpayers dollars in pushing through the new stimulus/spending plan, he is quick today to threaten any federal or local agencies that do not utilize appropriated funds to his specifications.

From today’s speech to Mayors at the White House:

“We have asked for the unprecedented trust of the American people to deal boldly with the greatest economic crisis we have seen in decades — and the privilege of investing unprecedented amounts of their hard-earned money to address this crisis,” Obama told a gathering of mayors at the White House. 

“With that comes an unprecedented obligation to do so wisely, free from politics and personal agendas,” the president said. “On this I will not compromise or tolerate any shortcut.” 

“If a federal agency proposes a project that will waste that money, I will not hesitate to call them out on it, and put a stop to it,” Obama said. 

“But I want everyone here to be on notice that if a local government does the same — I will call them out on it as well, and use the full power of my office and our administration to stop it,” he said. 

He sounds a bit like an angry parent, doesn’t he?  While he didn’t elaborate on what the punishment would be for violating his orders, my imagination can only conjure up Nancy Pelosi sitting in a corner time out chair with a dunce cap on her head. 

And is it a coincidence that this warning comes only a day after Republican Governors announced that they will be reading the fine print on this windfall of cash, and will reject any money that will – in the long run – cost the states more than the value of the endowment?  It would seem, according to his warnings, that one is not allowed to say no to Obama.