Obama Working Swiftly to Expand Welfare State

In less than a month since historically being elected our first socialist President, Barack Obama is moving quickly to radically change the American economy and create government dependence up and down the line.

Glenn Beck elaborates:

Story from MSObamaNBC on the details of the mortgage plan though I doubt it’s credibility:

MESA, Ariz.—President Barack Obama threw a $75 billion lifeline to millions of Americans on the brink of foreclosure Wednesday, declaring an urgent need for drastic action – not only to save their homes but to keep the housing crisis “from wreaking even greater havoc” on the broader national economy.

The lending plan, a full $25 billion bigger than the administration had been suggesting, aims to prevent as many as 9 million homeowners from being evicted and to stabilize housing markets that are at the center of the ever-worsening U.S. recession.

Government support pledged to mortgage giants Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac is being doubled as well, to $400 billion, as part of an effort to encourage them to refinance loans that are “under water” – those in which homes’ market values have sunk below the amount the owners still owe.

“All of us are paying a price for this home mortgage crisis, and all of us will pay an even steeper price if we allow this crisis to continue to deepen,“ Obama said.

So all of us will pay the price for the mortgage crisis except the people who were completely irresponsible and bought beyond their means to begin with. So the rest of us who pay our mortgages or rent on time will now be paying our neighbor’s mortgage as well. Oh happy day!

Of all places, Rick Santelli today at CNBC had the melons to speak truth to Obama. I would like to take this man out to dinner and erect a statue in his honor since he speaks for millions of us who are not ready to throw in the towel and submit to The One:

Amen brother, amen.

The problem here is that Obama is working based on his socialist credentials stemming back from his time in Chicago. These outrageous government spending programs are right out of the socialist playbook to create millions of dependent Americans who rely on the government.

The media ignored Obama’s staunch socialist past and associations but we haven’t forgot and never will.

The New Zeal blog did all Americans a service by digging up the Chicago New Party’s old newsletters from 1996. Here is where the plot thickens even more. Here is the front page of their 1996 newsletter scanned:

Here is a close-up on this front page:

Here’s the ultra-close-up of that front page, discussing members of the Chicago New Party, such as Barack Obama, and their victories in their respective primaries:

Let me re-quote it just for impact:

New Party members won three other primaries this spring in Chicago: Barack Obama (State Senate), Michael Chandler (Democratic Party Committee) and Patricia Martin (Cook County judiciary).

The New Party was championing Barack Obama as their new golden boy running for the Illinois State Senate, they even gloated about him in their newsletter as a New Party member winning a primary.

Further evidence, if you had any remaining doubt, here is a scan of the New Party’s 1996 newsletter from page 2 scanned:

See that gentleman on the right? That’s Barack Obama on the right side posing with his other New Party friends and relishing their victories on their road to turn the Democratic Party toward radical socialism.

The Chicago Democratic Socialists of America make no bones about their intentions, they openly discuss their desire to install socialist politicians within the Democratic Party with the hopes of turning America away from capitalism.

If you want to learn more about Obama’s socialist past, check out this article from back during the campaign:

Barack Obama: The Radical New Party Socialist, With Evidence